Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bullet point pondering's

  •  Well Hello! You know what time it is? Its time for a bullet point pondering's post. A bunch of random thoughts I have at the moment.
  • First off thank you for the overwhelming response on the last post about "being less sensitive". I had been put off hitting publish on it because I didn't want to come across as being insensitive to  sensitive people. Its hard when you have a straight up kind of nature to learn the right time to be empathetic and sensitive and when to be straight up with people when they need it. Fortunately in my line of work I get a lot of practice.  
  • I have woken up with a the sorest back...and I have no idea why? The bizarre thing about it is that the very last words I said to my husband last night was how much I love our newish bed. My exact words were..."its not like our old bed that would leave me with a sore back in the morning". How weird is that!! Any way I have done what any good nurse does..and popped some pain killers. Panadol and ibuprofen does wonders for my "nurses back". I also tried at one place to fit in a back massage but they were all booked. Boo :(
  • "Nurses Back" : definition: A strained back after lugging dead weighted people around after an extended period of time. 
  • You know what might be cool to do one day? Do a real life monopoly tour. Take photos of all the places on the London monopoly board. Then come home and make them into a real monopoly board.  I think I might add this to the  year 2028 world tour. In the year 2028 our youngest will turn 18...and that is when we will embark on our world tour. Or if one of us gets a life ending illness....which ever comes first....or if we win lotto...then that would be awesome.
Onions in the right pan this time!
  • Well on the family front we are back into school term mode. I revised our family routine schedule and have put "cooking time with mummy" in for the kids one night a week each. They are my little sous chefs for the night. Yes, it takes time out of my dinner prep time to teach them but...it will pay off in the long run. I'm not a natural teacher...I have to really try and be patient. For instance Miss Joy and I worked on making spaghetti and meatballs from scratch, one of her favourites. She did her best to cut up the onions, we have one pot of boiling water on the stove for the spaghetti and another frying pan with oil warming for the onions to go into...and I say okay carefully put the onions in...I turn my back and she put the onions into the boiling water....gah! I held my self together, and we found another onion and started again. At least she figured out wearing goggles helps with the onion tears. Clever girl.  And another time Joe and I made roast chicken and veges, he cut himself with the knife....just a small cut....but you'd think he had sliced his entire hand off. He's not so good with blood. 
  • IT. WILL. PAY. OFF. IN. THE. LONG. RUN. I have to keep telling myself.  I really want them to be able to cook and be able to look after them selves, so I have to put in the hard yards and teach them other wise how else will they know? They can now confidently make them selves breakfast and lunch. One of my food rules is-  you don't get afternoon tea until you have finished whats in your lunch box. This works for us because the schools policy is kids take home their own food rubbish so you know what they have and haven't eaten.
  • I'm thinking of taking a social media break. I did this in May of last year. A no Facebook and blogging month. I lasted 28 days. Maybe I could do June? I dunno. I'll let you know. 
  • Zak Zak and I are taking a little trip to Starship on Thursday. Dadda couldn't get time off work so its just me and him...YIKES. Please pray for us if you think of us. Its nothing major...just a little repair of his last little surgery. I might take last years knitting project I never got around to finishing to help keep me calm.
  • And you know I will have to stop in somewhere and find me some macarons somewhere in Auckland to make me feel better. 
  • I have found a little OCD way of doing the washing. When I bring the washing in from the line outside I fold the washing in order of the person. Like...I fold all of ours first...then zak zaks and then the Miss Joy and then Joe. And then I bring it all in and do a drop off into the rooms. I think its a time saver. 
  • Having said that...doing the washing is my least favourite chore in my maid service. I pretty much have  a week long routine....wash one day....hang out the next... and bring it all in when it is stiff as and few days later. Yep...House keeping is not my favourite. 
  • This mothers day I was grumpy. I could hear a lot of squabbling and yelling coming from the kitchen far too early in the morning for my liking! As the day wore on I began to dwell on all the sacrifices that have come as part of being a mother. To my career, to my talents as a singer, to never getting to fly anywhere, to my relationship with God and to my dreams of being something or someone great. Some how they all have gotten lost and sacrificed while I encourage these little people and one other big person with all of their dreams and talents and lives. I haven't figured out how I can have and do both?  
  • I have been trying to think of a cool header for my blog. If you look to the top...you can see a whole lot of open white space....But I can't think of what to put there?! I don't really know what image would sum up me as a blogger. 
  • I have decided what New Zealand is missing is more Black people! My top three videos of funny black people being interviewed on TV 

Sweet Brown is the "Ain't Nobody got time for that" lady.

And recently the Guy who saved the 3 girls from their 10 year ordeal after being kidnapped. 
Wait for the last line!

And finally this one from Jay Lenos Pumpcast! This hilarious couple just pumping some gas ends up tv!


Sima J said...

Fantastic thoughts!! LOVE the idea of the Monopoly board! FUN!! And the washing idea is great too .. I used to fold and I got them off the line but I stopped for some reason? I should start again! And YES to teaching kids to cook .. I really should do this too .. and try to be patient .. gosh they are just so frustrating some times it's hard! Good on you! :-)

Rachel Kate said...

LOVE your monopoly idea! Maybe in the meantime, you could do a local one with your new camera... Fav places in Whangarei-create your own board! Definitely don't think your 'sensitive post' was too insensitive. More like a great reminder xox

Miriam said...

oh my that second video was hilarious - wonderful and hilarious at the same time!

runnergirl said...

I love bullet points, and your ponderings :)
Blog designs are always so difficult and time consuming huh. Maybe that's something you could try and think of while you have your Social Media fast (if you do).

Katie said...

Love the random bullet points and the Monopoly idea is fantastic!
Best Wishes for your trip to Auckland.

Widge said...

haha and feelin your pain at the onions in the boiling pot!
good on you for keeping your cool.
I love those vids too.
thinking of a social media fast too...
youre awsome as

Clare said...

Love this post, Jacksta. It feels like we have just caught up! I am going to try your washing idea - I only have one little but man I struggle to keep up! I love your line 'Family, Food, Faith, Friendship, and the Funnier side of life' - maybe that might spur a visual for your header...

Leonie said...

haha, love your take on life Jacksta.

I got my boy to help me cook dinner the other night. He told me how much he enjoyed it... and that Id NEVER done it with him before, ever. Gulp. He's 10 in a couple of weeks. Bad mother moment.

Meghan at MNM's said...

Great post you! I was just talking to a colleague last week who biked all around the monopoly stops in London - sounded great fun! Hope the little trip to starship goes ok...does your social media break include Words with Friends...hope not!