Wednesday, May 1, 2013

photography lesson

Today I bundled the kids and the Nikon in the car and headed for the country. 
We headed out to see the talented (writer, musician and photographer...Words with Friends extraordinaire) Stephen Garton. We share a mutual distaste for all things #hashtags.  He was visiting from the South but managed to squeeze in an Idiots guide to photography being the idiot.  
After reading the instruction guide I could at least understand a few of the words he was talking about...but I hadn't quite figured out which buttons to push etc. 

{Playing around with the Shutter speed}

So as far as I understand from the lesson was..."to get the perfect picture you need the perfect balance between the aperture and shutter speed,  and to take a shot in a way that no one else has ever done before".

We pushed a lot of random buttons like white balance, ISO and I even had a go on Manual focus mode. 

So I got snapping. 

What are the chances that I would be taking a close up shot of this flower and a bee would plant itself right on it!

My models weren't compliant enough to stand still for long enough,  but I got a couple of lovely portraits of my darlings.

We left their place and instead of driving home we headed further in to the country...I still wanted some more I still had some battery power left!
We came to a small town with a little cafe. I did need a coffee break first. And what a find! This cute old time town with all original buildings from many  years ago turned out to be a little gem of a place.

I am always looking for cafes that have a point of difference and quite frankly stuff for my kids to do while drink my coffee. I was quite surprised to find this little cafe bustling with people. I saw a great spot outside...I needed to find somewhere for my noisy non-shush-able two year old to hang out without disturbing too many other paying patrons.

Out side in the garden area were picnic tables,  a little tree hut, a hammock, rocks to climb and pretty landscaping.  

Cute place.
Who would have thought.


Rachel Kate said...

Well done!
Not only that, you discovered the Office.

Rachel Kate said...

lol someone wrote a comment as me! Must have left myself logged in somewhere oops. But yay for finding the Office-such a neat cafe & in the best area of course ;) Gutted I missed your visit xo

jacksta said...


Meghan at MNM's said...

Great effort on the photos - they look great and cool that you got some greats tips from a pro - always helpful! That flower looks like a pohutukawa but it can't be at this time of year right?!

Brigitte Bokser said...

LOVE that you got a 1-on-1 tuition session for your camera. Great photos, what a wonderful new toy!!
Bee on the flower = freaking awesome! X

TracyP said...

Yay for learning new things on your new camera! And double yay for finding a cool new place for coffee!!

Clare said...

How awesome! You are going to be a master in no-time lady! Love the pics :)

Gail said...

Nice photos Jacksta! You might need to do a tutorial for those of us with Cameras that have buttons we don't quite understand!

Joy Perfume said...

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