Monday, May 6, 2013

BATMAN 40th cake

On Saturday we celebrated my older brothers 40th. He wasn't too happy about this milestone....feeling really old. So when I asked him what cake he wanted he requested a batman cake. He is a Gen X through and through...sci fi, comics, super heros, action movies and all things geek. Pretty much the opposite of me...sometimes I wonder how we came from the same womb. Any hoo like a good little sister I obligingly made him a Batman cake.
I decided it was time....time to give working with "Fondant icing" a go. There are two reasons I have never tried using it before A) I have bad memories of wedding cake icing...sickly sweet and disgusting and B) I was scared of having to roll it out...sticking and ripping etc. I found this tub of stuff at Spotlight..."butter cream fondant...easy to work with..great for beginners". That sounded like everything I needed. I got a black and a yellow. Honestly the colour palate worked a treat. I'm a bit OCD about getting the colors right, and the yellow was EXACTLY right for the batman yellow logo.    

One chocolate cake mix doubled and cut into an oval. Then iced with a chocolate butter cream icing for the crumb layer. 

I rolled out the yellow. 
Trying to get the shape right was super hard...and then getting it onto the cake...sheesh...I was seriously thinking of going back to butter icing!

Hmmm this is kinda hard....maybe I need some help....hubby only too happy to help me get the "BAT" right. 
Rolling out the black was super cool. Just like leather! I had printed out a template from the computer, so we got it just right.

The finished product. Not perfect...but pretty good for a first attempt working with Fondant. I MAY be temped to try it again some time. Maybe!

For the dinner...I went with an Asian inspired theme. Little brother was in charge of nibbles. He did wontons, spring rolls and dipping sauces
I did main course... A "Donburi" which is Japanese for bowl... where you have rice on the bottom with toppings.

Asian salad (thinly sliced red/green cabbage, carrots, red capsicum, cucumber, spring onion, mint and corriander with squeezed limes and special soy dressing.
Tempura veges
Tempura squid
Tempura prawns
Teriyaki and seaseme salmon
Teriyaki chicken
BBQ marinated pork ribs.

And we had cake for dessert.
Birthday Boy taking a photo of his own cake

It was such a fun night, and later when the kids were in bed I had a game of Texas Holdem Poker with my brothers and our spouses. Good times just hanging with my family.


Widge said...

the food sounds amazing! and your cake is awesome!!

Gail said...

man he scored well on the awesome sister thing!! Go you. And, YUM. I'm so hungry now.......

Renee said...

Awesome cake!!

PaisleyJade said...

Cake = amazing! My mouth is watering as I read your yummy menu!

Sammy said...

What a FANTASTIC cake! Oh my gosh you clever chops! The party looked amazing x

Leonie said...

the cake looks GREAT Jackie!!!
And all that food... my mouth is watering!

Miriam said...

you know you are successful with a cake when they need to take a photo for their own records! looks like an awesome night

Katie said...

Awesome cake! Well done on battling the fondant :-)