About Me.

Thank you for visiting my little space in the blogger-sphere. 

I'm a 30-something, laugh out loud, talkative, food loving, coffee drinking, mama and Jesus girl.

I have 3 kids (Miss Joy, Joe and Zak Zak) who are my greatest accomplishment in life. None of them have been dropped on their heads...and every time they celebrate their birthdays I give myself a pat on my back, happy that I haven't broken one of them...and happy because we eat cake. I like cake. 
I am married to a nice guy, AKA -Hubsta
We live essentially a relaxed life in Northland, New Zealand.

I don't know why I got into this blogging thing, but I like it. It's just another way to express who I am. Through blogging I have learned that I enjoy bringing people together...and helping people connect. 
I also like to encourage other bloggers and to be encouraged. 

I blog about family, food, faith, and the funny side of life. 

I like giving anything a go...taking a picture and showing it off to people like you

Thanks for checking me out...I love reading all your comments and are just generally chuffed that anyone (besides my family) reads my blog at all.

{I told you I liked roller coasters...a happy face after a ride} 

Jacksta B xx


Renee said...

Love finding random facts about people! (half my family are Fijian/Indian/European, i wonder if our family have crossed paths before :) ) Enjoying catching up on your blog! :)

Leanne M said...

Hello, I saw your blog on Kiwi Mummy Blogs and clicked through from there to read some more about you. How it is possible I hadn't discovered your blog before now beats me, I recognise so many other faces on your followers list, and now there's one more - me!