Friday, February 24, 2012

the world at the click of a button

One of the things I find intriguing about blogging is following bloggers in other parts of the world.
So far I haven't flown out of the Pacific, Fiji and Australia are as far as I have been. A mere 3 hours on a plane, oh how I long for a long haul flight. Ever since I was a small girl I have loved plane traveling. The food, the attentive Air Hostesses, the "people watching", the itsy sprite cans, the butterflies of the landing. For me it was as much about the journey as it was the destination.
So I sit here in my world looking forward to the day we as a family will travel.
In the meantime, I get to see the world through my bloggy friends eyes. My favourites are Expat New Zealanders. They see things from  a Kiwi perspective that always has me coming back for more.

So here are the my favorite expats at the mo. Why don't you check them out and give them some NZ loving if you don't already...I know they miss home.
  • I am getting to know England through my friend Stacey's eyes. She also has been doing a bit of traveling around Europe and lets me in on the nursing over there .
  • Also in London and soon to be Italy is Brigitte.  Having lived away from NZ for 10 years Brigitte gives us a look at what its like raising kids away from her home and parents. 
  • The Delightful Gail  is currently residing in the middle of China. I never ever thought I would consider going to China, but after reading about  this legendary family going for work and experiencing the culture...I might just do day.
  • Another expat I follow is Claire who is living and teaching in Korea. Another scary place I would be too freaked out to go. But through the bloggy world I get to see some of it...and suddenly it doesn't seem so scary. 
  • And of course there's Anya, Lisa and Leonie...who give us their take on Brissy in Australia. 
So thanks you guys for helping me get a little perspective on how big...yet small our world is. I look forward to saving up some dosh and getting on a plane and seeing the world with my own eyes...and maybe one day it will be us that will have the pictures of places like:

Big Ben
Eiffel Tower
Chinese New Year
Food in Italy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary Us

One year ago the Whangarei Bloggers was born. We all nervously met at a local cafe and hit it off immediately. A year on and with a couple of additions to the "WB" family we are still loving meeting and remain friends. Its been an amazing year getting to know these ladies. It has been a tough year for some and knowing that friends have got your back to talk to and for prayer support has been amazing! And the Laughs...oh there are many. It is always a joyous time when we meet.

I stole your pic Kristy!

We met again this week while Leonie was visiting from Brisbane. We meant to grab a stranger to take a photo of us all together...but alas it never happened. And I was so busy talking about how I like my towels "rough", that I only got these random pics. It just happened to be Renettes Birthday. So Happy Birthday Renette from your blog buddies.

Those Present: Leonie, Renette, Simone, Tracy, Becky, and Arna
Those Missing in Action: Juanita, Kristy, Rach, and Liz

Monday, February 13, 2012

TRI number 2

Yep..I did it again. I entered into another Triwoman event. Why? Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking when my legs were burning and I had to pee while running 3kms. But you know...its strangely addictive. I'm already thinking of doing the next one in April. Mainly to try and redeem myself. I was disappointed with my time, and know I can do better. Besides its a good fitness goal. Here's my pics from today. It was a dreary Auckland morning, with showers. Not so bad for us because we were moving, just sucky for our hubby and kids and parents in Law

It was a bit more hilly than I had trained for..and quite frankly I just haven't been training and eating well enough. But I'm happy I survived it WITHOUT falling off my bike!

A great pic of my sister in law Jul and my training buddy Darls..who both did great!

Swim time 10:05 Bike time  32:44 Run time 30:14 Overall Time 1:13:03 Overall place 81/92

Thursday, February 9, 2012

life as of today.

Guess what? Three days to go until I do another (very) mini triwoman. If you are in the Northshore this Sunday...I could do with some water bombing! I have no where near put in the training that I had hoped, but since I have already done one, I know I'll survive it. My SIL is coming over from Oz just to do it with me! Isn't she RAD. And I have managed to coerce encourage another friend to do it too. It will be her first so I'm really looking forward to it!

Gotta love new born cuddles!
I'm an Aunty. My little brother and his wife had their first baby, a little boy. She was such a trooper. It was a long few days of contractions and labour that ended in a cesarean. But she is doing amazingly. I'm super proud of her.
You forget how delicious newborns are!

The kids have started back at school. Hallelujah. That's all I have to say about that... As I write I have a massive grin on my face.

I've been watching Greys Anatomy repeats on Sky. Episodes have started right from the beginning. Its my current guilty pleasure. I miss George and Izzy. Just saying.
Image from here
And "The Help" finally comes out on DVD this week...which means I can finally watch it. After ya'll went on about it. And before you I haven't read the book...the Movie is always better then the book isn't it? Oh, the other way around...hmm I will take your word for it.  It takes 1-2 hours to watch the movie...reading the book...2weeks to a year. Ive done the math ;)

I left my keys in my car the other day and it made my battery go flat. Who knew that could happen. I rang up one of my besties and she brought her car around to help my jump start it. I'm not sure what we were doing wrong but it just wasn't working. A gentleman driving past offered us some assistance...he literally just jiggled the handles and I started her up and she worked!  We felt silly and I'm sure he walked off feeling rather chivalrous. I'm glad we could make his day. 

I'm touched that everyone wants to have coffee with me (from my last post). I like to be liked. ♥
I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone I have neglected lately!