Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Im a big TV watcher. Can't help it. During the 80's and 90's growing up, its what we did. Early morning cartoons, after school, watching the news with dinner in our laps. All normal behaviour for me and my brother.

 One of our (mine and hubby's)  favourite weekly shows at the moment is "The Middle". I think it because I can see a lot of myself in "Frankie". I like watching it because they seem a lot like a "normal" family. So I have decided that if you cross Lois from "Malcolm in the Middle" and Frankie from "The Middle" You get me.

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 It got me thinking about the other Tv Mums (Moms) we've grown up watching. So Ive compiled my top 10.

  1. Claire Huxtable from the Cosby Show
  2. Jill Taylor from Home Improvement
  3. Mrs Cunningham from Happy Days
  4. Debra Barone from Everybody loves Raymond
  5.  Peggy Bundy from Married with Children
  6. Maire Barone from Everybody loves Raymond
  7. Fran Fine from the Nanny
  8. Lois from Malcolm in the Middle
  9. Frankie Heck from the Middle.
  10. Lorelie Gilnore from the Gilmore Girls.

Who were your favourite TV moms?

Is there any that you identify with?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

Yep. Thats right Im bringing it back. I did a few "T-Ts" when I first started blogging, but some how lost them along the way.

So here's a funny story.
Yesterday I was having a monumental crappy day. It started off crappy...and then just continued to be crappy. Whenever I'm having a crappy day I put on my music and then promptly proceed to the "Humour" section of Pintrest. I know you you  bloggers out there are in to craft and photography section...But my top two categories are Humour and Food. That about sums me up really!

Anyhoo. I had promise a lovely friend that I would bring her around a dinner. Except I had been feeling all sorry for myself and couldn't muster up any inspiration so I decided I would shout her out for nice meal instead. It was as much a nice treat for her as it was for me. I desperately needed to get out of the house and have some time out.  I made the rest of the family dinner and then headed out to pick her up.

We arrived at the lovely restaurant and had a delicious dinner. ( I had the duck again...So good!). We decided we were too full for dessert and opted for a hot drink instead. When the hostess brought our drinks she started to set up some more cutlery. "Hold on...theres a story behind it..." She brings us out a Vanilla Cream Brulee to share. "We've had a call from someone to say they are paying for your meal...and he said to say- make sure they have the brulee if they haven't ordered dessert."
What?! We were flabbergasted. There were only a couple of people who knew we were coming out as it was a very last minute decision. We figured out it was a guy from church who I hardly knew...but decided to bless both of us! We had a great laugh about it. It was such a blessing of a night as we talked for hours...needing to be moved on because we were the last ones there.

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So this Thankful Thursday I'm thankful for:
-The Humour section of Pintrest.
-Lovely church family who bless me.
-And an awesome God who knows when you need a pick me up from a crappy day.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well hello! I'm back...

Well hello! I'm back from my social media break. I lasted 28 days! I was aiming for a if it was the month of February then I would have been all set. It was 3 weeks longer than my little brother predicted...his prediction was 4.5 days...haha in your face Davo!
He kinda has a point though. I'm not really one to stick at anything much. Once a long time a go, early in our marriage we thought we would not watch TV for a while. We put that heavy box of a TV in the spare bedroom to help alleviate the temptation, except that when Les was at work some evenings I would lug it it...and then lug it back. He thought it was funny when I told him what I had been doing.
I'm terrible at sticking to diets and fitness lasting a whole month with social media was a big deal for me.
I have been an avid Facebooker since 2009...okay an addicted Facebooker. And I have been blogging for a couple of years. But I knew I needed a break. Remember this post. I was starting to actually think in status updates and blog posts. Not good. I could feel my brain matter disintegrating behind my eyes.

Well rather than deactivating my account I thought a complete month off might do the trick. I would get around to doing all those things I had been putting off,  pay more attention to the kids, pray and read more of my bible, have a spotless house, start a new hobby or get fit and healthy.  Yep...Nah. Turns out if you are a true procrastinator, you will just find other ways to procrastinate.

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I decided I wasn't going to take photos...or even think about doing a blog post for a whole month. I just wanted to BE. So this post is not going to be a post of all the things I did in the month May. I just lived, and had a good time doing it. The end.

But I did spend time reflecting on how much of my life I spend online...and how things have changed.Was this really the way I wanted to live my life? Social media has its pros and cons...but overwhelmingly it is more of a positive than a negative. At this particular time in my mostly mummy and part time working, for me, it serves as a way to connect with people. The negative is when this is the only way to connect. And so the word "balance" comes to mind. So I am seeking a more balanced approach to blogging and Facebook. Do I really have to comment on every blog or status update? NO. Do I really need to update my FB status every day? NO. And I will try and browse while the kids are in bed instead of ignoring them....and maybe after I have done the house work. Yeah....I don't think that one will happen.

So...if you are addicted to social media...I highly recommend taking break

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