Wednesday, October 1, 2014

closing up the blog

Time to close up the blog.

Its time.

I'm happy that I met a few bloggers out there.

I'm happy that some of you write so honestly and have allowed me to come into your lives too.

I think I will keep lurking. Popping in to comment on your thoughts....

But its time for me to shut up shop.

The passion for it has gone. My voice seems lost. With not much left to say.

Drafts remain unfinished. Half blog posts turn around in my head.

4 years.

4 years of bullet point posts, food pictures, parenting fun, birthday cakes, birthday giveaways, trying new things, watching the kids grow up, especially the baby who is now 4!

4 years of putting on my thinking cap and trying to form actual sentences that made sense, quite a challenge for this non writer. These are my favourite writing pieces,
I was brave
An ode to Hannah
An end of an era
Worst case scenario mum

I hope I have inspired. I hope I have encouraged. I hope I have made you smile.

Because you have done the same for me.

4 years

About the right time for the end of an era.

This is Jacksta B Signing off