Tuesday, May 28, 2013

See you soon.

Sushi buddy.

aaahhhhh. *sigh of relief* 
Yep that's how I feel right now. I'm having a little alone time. It's only four hours, but I'll take it. Zak-zak is finally okay enough to go back to play school after his surgery. I'm not going to lie, its been hard week for the little lad, but he has coped well.

So far this morning I have taken myself out for coffee and a breakfast bagel- cream cheese and lemon curd to be precise. And then I have perused the wool isle at Spotlight. Paisley-Jade knows how much I get into a panic when ever I hit the fabric isle of Spotlight...but I'm pleased to announce today this did not happen!
Without my impatient little 3ft side kick I was able to pick a nice ball of wool to knit myself a scarf. I know, I know...that's pretty much the first thing EVERYONE knits...but not me. So far I have made a hot water bottle cover...which was pretty much a rectangle piece of knitting...where I ran out of wool...and decided that really it was the only useful thing it could become. I started it last year when Zakzak had his first surgery...but for the last year it had stayed on the knitting needles because I hadn't read my "Dummy's guide to Knitting" in order to figure out how to cast off.
But now I have.

My current project is also a hot water bottle cover, but for Miss Joy. And I have used it to practice new stiches I have read in the book. I spent a nice few hours on Saturday at my MILs house bonding over knitting. She is great knitter and gave me some pointers.
I know Crochet is the rage..but quite frankly...I'm just going to stick to what I know...and knit.

My new wool to make a nice warm scarf for myself. 

Scary running story
I took up running. And by "take up"...I mean I went for run yesterday and today I can still walk. I am ashamed to admit I haven't exercised in over a year. So it was supposed to be just a walk around my hilly neighborhood to start off with..you know just to ease me in. I had made the family dinner and by the time I set off it was 5:20pm. At first I was thinking how lovely getting out at sunset...and then I thought yikes I better hurry up...before it gets dark. So I started running up the hill. The reason I stopped running last year was because after doing the same circuit and running down the hill...my knees got really jarred and hurt. It hurt a lot. So I stopped. I didn't go to the doctors...because it only hurt sometimes out of the blue.
Any hoo so last night...it was getting dark really fast, and this dude passes me in the opposite direction. And I keep walking down the hill...around a corner...I then he passes me coming down my way. I ignore him...and he stops under a tree to do some "stretches". So ignore him again...and speed up and then start to run down the hill. I'm getting a little spooked, I look behind my shoulder a lot and just keep running. He doesn't look like he's following anymore so I stop and walk for a while. The road forks into two separate lanes. I decide to go down the right lane..still periodically looking over my shoulder. By now its proper dark. But I know the only way to get to the safety of my place is to keep moving as fast as I can. "I don't do night time running...what was I thinking...and I haven't bought my cell phone.. please don't rape me wierdo". My mind is going paranoia nuts.
I see the same guy running again...except he has decided to go down the left lane. I hope like mad he is not waiting for me at the bottom of the hill. I feel like Sherlock Holmes...trying to get all my senses awake to see through every bush and tree, listening for any rustling. I get to the flat part...and the streets lights are so dim on this stretch...but I still have 2km to go. And so I run as fast as my fat little legs can carry me...and stop for a breather and run again...look over my shoulder...all the way home. Maybe it was just my silly little brain paying tricks on me, but I'm thinking I won't be doing that again! I might just go and run on a treadmill at the work gym.

I bought myself a turkish rug. Rocking it super old school. But I love it. It  says it is stain resistant...but have the makers met my kids...they can ruin anything.
Social media break
So as I mentioned last time, I'm having social media break. I did this last year because
a) Facebook status's and blog posts start to consume my mind.
b) It makes me procrastinate and stops me from doing a myriad of other jobs that need to get done.
c) It prevents me from getting out of my house and seeing people in real life.
d) It is an unhealthy way for me to fill my boredom.

Other people go away and have holidays or are able to switch off from Facebook and blogging but I can't. It's like an addiction. It's the first thing I check on my Ipod in the morning and the last. Not good. I'm not saying FB or blogging is bad or anything...I just know that I need a break. Sorry Meghan but Words with friends will be on hiatus too.
The biggest thing I will miss about it is, it is now the main way I communicate with people. So I will have to go back to good old fashioned phones, Txt messaging and Email....or even snail mail. So don't do anything fun or interesting while I'm gone please. But if you do, email me. And if you are visiting the area...and want to catch up..email me.

So I have compiled a few things I need to do in the month of June... 30 days!!! (last time I only lasted 28!)

Stuff to do instead of wasting time on the internet.

  1. Do work portfolio.
  2. Print off a years worth of photos and put them in an album
  3. Get rid of baby stuff. Take stuff to Hospice.
  4. Go for walks.
  5. Read/listen to the bible.
  6. Read the "Purpose Driven Life" book
  7. Draw pictures with my kids.
  8. Write a love song
  9. Write thank you notes to people who have made an impact in my life thus far.
  10. Put together the boys scrap books.
  11. Finish knitting projects
  12. Finish quilt project.
  13. Have an empty washing basket all month.
  14. Have coffee/lunch dates dates
  15. Have baking in the cupboard everyday.
  16. Read magazines I have bought but haven't read. 
  17. Do something for Wedding anniversary
  18. Take photos with my camera...and not put them online. 
  19. Not think about how desperately I want to be online and reading other peoples Facebook statuses and blog posts. 
  20. Do some volunteer work. 
  21. Back up my hard drive. 
  22. Have people over for dinner. 
  23. Hang out with these munchkins

I bought these guys some winter knits and they reminded me of Rocky training for a big fight. 

 I will see you in JULY.


Sophie Slim said...

Yipee! GOOD FOR YOU!! So much soul food in this post!


Leonie said...

Wow that's a huge jump off the sofa!!

Good for you Jacksta, I hear you on the social media break. And yay for the knitting. Next time I'm up in whangas I'm inviting myself for a cuppa and some knitting, Kay?

TracyP said...

I will miss ya xxx

Rachel Kate said...

Love your list!! Great idea :) xox

Katie said...

Enjoy your break and enjoy working your way through your list :-)

Bridge said...

I just brought my daughter that same panda hoodie :)
I will miss you :(
but I may even join you...
text me if something awesome happens!

Rachel said...

Awesome Jackie. I can help you with some of the things on your list too if you like... I like baking, coffee (decaf now), dinner, baby stuff and of course, a nice love song about me :)

Miriam said...

have a great June. I know I'd be SO much more productive offline too - especially if I cut out tv too :o)

Meghan at MNM's said...

You'll keep ;-)

Good on ya - but I will look forward to having ya back on board in a month!

Boy Zak Zak looks like his Daddy in that top pic xx

Neetz said...

Well...I guess I will have to get my fat little bum around to your house and have a coffee with you then!! (and bring sushi). :) Hugs and snuggles xxx Neetz x

PaisleyJade said...

Cracking up at your creepy running story! I wish I could knit - I still don't know how to cast off! Have a fab media break - and hopefully see you soon for a real life coffee! Xoxo

Tall Pipi said...

Missing you already!

Brigitte Bokser said...

Good on you for seeing the need to take a break! I've kind-of unintentionally been doing the same (from the 'need' to blog) - and loving it! Still checking in every now and again, but aiming for that healthy balance... whatever that is...
I LOVE your list! So inspired by that. And YAY for your knitting projects! GO YOU!! Enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a project ;)
Big hugs X