Thursday, November 11, 2010

whats new in my trolley this week.

I usually LOVE grocery shopping, its one of the highlights of my week. Watching the bill go up higher with each year with the extending number of mouths to feed and the flippin GST rise however is not so fun. I don't mind taking the kids with me sometimes. They are not tantrum-for-lolly-pop type kids. My secret is...they get a treat from the bakery section if they be good all the way round. And I mean all the way because the bakery section is the last possible isle. The favourite is a danish =$1.40. Pretty cheap way to get through shopping.
Anyhoo...being a food lover I'm always on the look out for some inspiration...heres a few things that made it to the trolley this week.

We are trying really hard to wean ourselves off coke and the like but I had to try this...100% apple juice with carbonated stuff for fizz and no added sugar. Not that bad for it?!

Bubba is almost ready for solids. I already have some pumpkin in the freezer made up...but I like the pre bought stuff too and I'm looking forward to trying out these new fancy fan-dangle pouches. I can see they would be quite useful when we are out and about.

Nobody seems too fussed on bought fish'n chips at our house so these bake and eats are a great healthy substitute- can't go wrong with the red tick!

Okay so I lie...this is not new to my trolley...truth be told these babies make my trolley every time they are on special and its the only coffee I buy for home. Love it!

Oh-my-goodness is all I have to say about these...yummo!

All these were on special too!
Whats making your grocery shop interesting at the moment?


Anonymous said...

Those gingernuts look so good! I haven't seen them in supermarkets here.

PaisleyJade said...

Yes - those chocolate gingernut biscuits are yummo! Loving your stuff - and totally agree about the gst and extra mouths taking the fun out of shopping!

My favourite things at the moment are sundried tomato and feta rice wafers and licorice!!

Sima J said...

mmmm that looks like a yum shop :-) I did mine yesterday and got some of those bit-on-the-side sauces to go with dinners YUM :-) Good for all sorts of dinners including pizza base flavour (which is on the menu tonight yay!)

Katie said...

I love Appletiser - yummy :-)
And must look out for the smoothie for bubs who will be starting solids in a couple of months