Sunday, November 14, 2010

I heart t-shirts

Is it me or does the closer you get to thirty the more you figure out who you really are?
I've decided I'm really just a jeans and t-shirt wearing kinda gal. Thankfully married to a jeans and t-shirt wearing kinda man. I love a good t-shirt with a fun joke or slogan. I also love t-shirts for a cause. Like the Glassons ones for breast cancer etc. I get to contribute to the cause and wear a cool t shirt too. Thankfully at my current work place (home!!) nobody cares that I wear a T-shirt. So I think t-shirt collecting might just be my new thing...cause I need a thing!
Any way I found this American site and picked these ones as ones I would totally wear if they had them in NZ

Another favourite for NZ themed t-shirts is Mr Vintage.

Do you collect anything weird or wonderful?


Sima J said...

HAHA I love those tshirts - and I love Mr. Vintage - that's where Carl got his 'Always Blow on the Pie' Tshirt tehe :-)

Kendyl's Place said...

Love the blue one - Im currently wearing a red t-shirt with a blue bird wearing a pair of headphones on it. Wierd but so comfy!! Cool post!

lesmondj said...

As the recipient of many a funny T-shirt I would have to applaude my wife's obvious taste. Look forward to my next 'present'.

PaisleyJade said...

t.shirts and jeans - that's our favourite thing too! I love this guys t.shirt designs: