Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Operation Triathlon: the bike leg

The last time I owned a bike was 20 years ago and I looked like this...

I was rockin my BMX panther!

This week we dusted off hubby's old bike and took it in for a service and new wheel. I tried it out this morning and it was a far cry from the fun riding a bike used to feel like! The bike is a men's bike, and way to tall for my very short legs...and man was my butt sore after a ride around the block! I think I need a new bike for Christmas!

On a positive note 6:30am was a really nice time of day to ride. I have a real fear about riding on the city roads. Hubby has been hit by a car whilst riding a bike and I have caused a rider injury by accidentally opening the door without looking and having the poor rider plow into it. Not Good! So I think my fears are a little justified, so going for a ride when there is very little traffic and no parked cars is a good idea I think! It's also a great time to get out for a jog..when no one is watching. I'm really surprising myself (and hubby), I am NOT a morning person, but there has been something really invigorating about getting up a little earlier and getting some fresh air. I give Bubba (5months) a breastfeed and then head out. The weather has been fine and its fairly warm so it has been a bit easier.

I also picked up this book from the library. Did you know Hamish Carter is the youngest of five and completely bombed (26th) at the 2000 Olympics even though he was favourite to win. There's no way I want to be an elite athlete but its kinda cool to be inspired by other peoples failures and successes!

Hope your day is going smashing xx


Gail said...

Good on you chick!! I met Hamish Carter a few times (his daughter went to the same kindy as mine) and I was always inspired by their family's approach to health and fitness. His wifeenters country/bush runs etc. Very inspirational!!

Sima J said...

well done you :-)