Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas shopping...why bother?

As most parents are at this time of year...I'm wondering what to bless my little lovely's with this year...but after snapping a few pics recently I'm wondering why bother.
They seem to find enjoyment out of the things!

Like this from the kitchen window of miss 6. Yes she is playing with a grapefruit and a stick!

backyard trees

Neighborhood stray cats

fun in the sun with a hose!

You'd think we didn't have a house full 0f toys to play with!
So this Christmas I might just think simple.


Sanna said...

Love it Jacks! So true - you should watch a documentary called 'Babies" - it proves basically that babies and kids are happiest when left to just get on with it - with what ever they choose to get on with it with, be it a stick and a grapefruit or a tree. I'm giving Minna cardboard boxes and the beach to play with this Christmas:)

Anonymous said...

♥ think we should all start a simple, cheap Christmas ideas blog....

PaisleyJade said...

haha - so true! My kids often ended up playing in the paper and boxes! Now I know what to get Miss 6 for her birthday!! ;)

Sima J said...

soo good!! Carl's family doesn't really do 'Christmas' as such - just a nice big lunch and day at the beach - so I'm thinking of maybe making them all toffee apples this year :-) Making stuff is fun (as long as you start early enough!) and so thoughtful :-)

Betty May said...