Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New era...

This year Miss 6 (almost 7) has hit a new era in her social life...attending birthday parties...alone.
I love watching her becoming more independent however I struggle letting her fly out of the nest. As a super protective mum there are few people I trust with my babies, but I'm learning I can't be there holding her hand for everything.
Slowly I am working towards letting her walk to school one day. The fact that I have completely scared her into ever going out the gates alone, may take some undoing. Considering our own upbringing it just seems so ridiculous that we have to worry so much about a kid walking to school!
So this week instead of dropping her off right inside the school premises I parked up about 50 meters away. She was quite afraid. We live in the city and traffic is a bit manic down this particular stretch...but I assured her she could do it. She reluctantly got out of the car and she walked off. I really wanted to stay and watch her make it right into school, but I left her to it and got on with dropping master 4 off at kindy. Later when I picked her up the first thing she said was can I do again tomorrow. Today I let her cross a road and then up the hill to the school gates.
Little by little this helicopter parent might just stop hovering and just let this little girl get on with it.


Sima J said...

love it. I am totally the same! I see little kids out walking by themselves to school and I think 'Surely they are too young to do that!' when really they probably aren't!? Maybe? haha

PaisleyJade said...

She is so cute! I saw her walking from the lights and she looked super proud. I so don't want to be an overprotective parent... but it's really hard sometimes too!

Kendyl's Place said...

Good on you Jackie. Im sure you've done such an amazing job with her so far, you've set her up only to succeed!