Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend getaway-Matakana

This weekend we went away for a "B" family getaway in celebration of Father Bears/Poppa 80th birthday celebrations. Mother Bear/Grandma had organised everything to the finest detail (she's good like that!). She had us all booked into stay at a lovely place in Matakana, just east of Warkworth. It is a truly lovely area out there.

First stop birthday lunch at Mahurangi River Winery and Resturant
. It was set high above a beautiful vineyard and overlooking the Warkworth hills. It would be absolutely beautiful in the summer when the grapes are out. Even though this winters day was a bit dreary, the atmosphere was still lovely and warm. I was impressed that they cater so well for children too. They had a highchair for Zak-zak and a small kids menu for the older ones. They even had an activity sheet for the kids to do. I had to laugh at one of the kids doing a word find. "I can't find the word MERLOT" Teachin em young!
We were all impressed by the food and lovely Maitre d'.

Later back at the place we were staying we tried eating some more...and then lit up Poppas cake. Lucky the smoke alarms didn't go off!

Saturday Morning we headed into Matakana to check out their famous Saturday Morning Market. Lots of delicious morsels to try. I bought some pastries and some chocolate covered macadamia nuts.
Again Hubster and I found a NZ "star" to take a photo with. The former All Black and host of the CODE on Maori TV Glen "OZ" Osbourne. He had a brief chat with us and he is exactly the same in real life as you see on TV. He was coming in to the market to get his hunting knife sharpened! Classic.

Later in the afternoon we took a drive out to Snell's beach because I had never been before. The moment the kids got there they found a new friend. I love that about my kids, always friendly. Zak Zak enjoyed the sensation of playing in a shelly beach and tasting a few.

Playground at Snell's Beach
We headed home Sunday morning after a lovely weekend getaway.
Happy Birthday to Poppa...still young! And thanks to Aunty J who flew all the way from across the ditch for the special weekend. And thanks Grandma for a very successful "almost surprise" birthday weekend getaway.


PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Loving the pics... and the word find (haha).

Sima J said...

What a cool weekend away! I love that area .. I grew up spending summers at Algies Bay (the bay over from Snells). It's such a nice place with all it's wineries (now that I'm old enough to appreciate them!)

KendylsPlace said...

Cool as post Jacksta! Love ALL your pics, and love how your kids are so friendly (how could they not be with such friendly, awesome parents!) And how CUTE is Poppa! Happy birthday!!

Leonie said...

wow, looks like a great weekend. I went to Matakana today for the first time ever...cant wait to go back and have a proper look around!

Rachel Kate said...

:) yay for a great time away!! love that cake haha

Meghan at MNM's said...

What a fantastic family weekend. I can imagine that winery would be even more stunning in summer. And that cake was impressive, was it really 80 candles, it did look like a tiny fire hazard!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Great weekend. I love Snells Beach and our kids esp love it.