Thursday, June 23, 2011

10 years today!

And so here we are 10 years later...I can hardly believe it has been a whole decade since our wedding day. What an amazing 10 years they have been. Heres the condensed version:
We left the reception and had fun honeymoon in Taupo ;)
Year 1: I continued my last semester in my degree, graduated, then found a job.
Year 2: We saved to pay off both our student loans, took a BIG trip all the way to the Gold Coast ;)
Year 3: We had our first baby. Miss Joy. We adjusted well to parenting and enjoyed our new expanded family. I took a full year off maternity leave before reducing my hours down the part time.
Year 4: We took a trip as a family to Fiji...and then vowed never to travel with toddlers...ever!
Year 5: We were ready for baby number two- Joe. We did not enjoy the sleep deprivation that the next 6 months brought. We got there in the end. We took the plunge and finally bought a house.
Year 6: Les changed departments at work saying see ya later to shift work forever and hello 8-430pm.
Year 7: I relished my mummy role and also
returned to work 1 shift a weekend.
Year 8: We ran a home group in our home for young adults. I also started some post grad study.
Year 9: We welcomed our well thought out and prayed for baby Zak-zak.
Year 10: We continue to live happily ever after in our own little part of the world.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to US!....its been a lot of fun!

"To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but to be loved by the one you love is everything"


PaisleyJade said...

Oh I love it! Congratulations guys - what an exciting journey so far, and an exciting future ahead. xoxo

Leonie said...

oh such a gorgeous love story Jackie!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy anniversary - hope you have a fab day! xx

Katie said...

Congrats :-) Love the last photo!

Widge said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!
you have the coolest wedding pic EVER
awesome to read your story. Have an amazing next 10 years xoxo

Sima J said...

nawww CONGRATS!!! LOVE the wedding pic!! What a happy ever after story .. long may it continue!! xo

kendylsPlace said...

Cool story Jacksta - thanks for sharing. Love your pics!

Rachel Kate said...

Love love LOVE your story :) you guys are such an inspiration... Praying our 10year story will be as cool as yours has been xo keep doing what you're doing!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Totally awesome trilogy. Loved getting to know you and yours a little more. Beautiful quote too xx