Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our love story-part two

See part one (here)

Those six months flew by rather quickly. I was in my last year of nursing study, so having homework,
placements and part time weekend work as well as planning the big day, all seems rather full on now that I think back. I guess when you are in love you don't feel it so much. Invitations were out, reception booked, flowers, catering, wedding attire, order of ceremony...arrghhh! So much goes into a wedding! I had held it together relatively well right up until the night before. We have wedding footage of me the night before the big day just ready to burst into tears. All the details of the big day had finally come to a head and I was stressed to the max. I guess it was a lot for a 20 year old! With help we set up the church and as we were leaving for the night one our pastors saw us on the way out. He must have sensed I was upset and stressed ( we later found out that he had spent most of the night praying for us).
When I arrived home to my flatmate also my bridesmaid she prayed for me that God would give me a peaceful sleep. And He did. I woke up the next morning after a fantastic sleep, feeling absolutely peaceful about the day. There was nothing else I could do now except turn up to the wedding venue, hope that everyone would do their parts and get married to the one I loved.

We all excitedly got ready, and was ready for the limousine pick up...just a little bit late (fashionably).
We had picked a song by Third day for me to walk in to,
"Love song"

I guess this song along with our scripture reading Romans 8:38-39 really set an example from the outset which was that, if we as a husband and wife could love each other as much or as well as Jesus did us (an unconditional and self sacrificing kind of love) then we couldn't go wrong.

I walked in with both my parents, one on each arm. I should have just stuck to tradition and went for just the dad like everyone else. My mum started crying right from the beginning of the VERY long aisle all the way to the end! I should have known! She is indian and they cry at weddings! Determined not to cry I held it together, I really didnt want to ruin my lovely make up and besides this was the happpiest day of my life not the saddest as is the case for some indian weddings.

There he was...looking rather handsome in his suit. Mere Piyar - My love. We whispered sweet little things to each other at the front while the singing continued....You look beautiful...you look pretty good too...
As the service continued I grew more and more nervous....we were going to lock lips...very very soon! I suddenly forgot how we were going to do it. We practiced which way we would lean the days leading up. Hold hands...lean to the left and... or was it to the right?! I can't remember!!
"And we now come to the kiss..." says the pastor. And nothing...we stand there and do nothing for 5 long seconds. I was waiting for "And Les you may now kiss your bride"...but nothing. I look to the pastor...like now?! Yes go for it! The entire congregation laughs. We laugh and then we engage in what is the sweetest kiss ever....just like we had practiced but with the kiss.

After the formalities of signing the register we danced our way out of the church to The Lads "My forever Smoochy Girl".
After an afternoon of photos all over town we went to our reception venue. We planned on having an afternoon tea...not a wise decision on the the shortest day of the year...and at 4pm. It got pretty dark, pretty quick. My poor guests...so many details I would do different if I could go back in time.

Syms with his very funny pure and simple joke, our epic wedding cake, and part of the crazy family

After a lovely night of speeches and mingling with friends and family we headed to Auckland for our honeymoon and the rest of our lives together.

stayed tuned for the last installment tomorrow....


PaisleyJade said...

So love reading this!! Always remember the paparazzi all trying to get shots of the first kiss! Love you guys tonnes.

Leonie said...

oh I am enjoying this so much Jackie. What a beautiful testiment to your love for each other and your love for the Lord.
And I LOVE that Third Day song... walking down the aisle to Shania Twain pales in comparison...lol.
And what a gorgeous bride you are!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yay what a cool as wedding day....man that must have been SOME kiss! I'm hanging out for part 3......:-)

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait for Part 3!

PS - I never guessed you were part-Indian!