Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our love story.

It all started way back in the summer of 1999. I had just finished high school and had headed for the nearest city to start my nursing degree. I had so looked forward to getting out of my small town and out of home. After being the only high school student at my small town church I was looking forward to going to a bigger church with other young people. The first time I attended the youth church on a Friday night I was introduced to a young man right in the middle of his hacky sack game. "This is Les...he's in his final 6 months of his nursing degree". I'd like to say it was all rainbows and cupids hearts or love at first sight...but it wasn't. It was just a simple introduction to a fella playing hacky sack. From then on however we had something in common. I would ask him questions about my homework and he was a willing teacher. We got on well because...well he's friendly and would get on well with anyone.

Zealous...70's styles

I got on with studying my degree and making friends at my new church. I also became really involved in the youth church and growing as a Christian. I began to really want God's best for my life and that included waiting for the right guy. Later in the year Les and I were assigned to run a home group together at our flat. We seemed to make a good team and had another reason to talk to each other. Around that time I was inspired by another lady I knew, who when she was younger had compiled a detailed list of what she had hoped for in a husband. I thought I might try the same thing. Mine was a pretty short list which went something like this: Loved God, blond and blue eyed, someone nice (No bad boy for me thanks ;) and someone funny. Those were the essentials. At the time I also wanted to him to be an international rugby league star too...;).. so bizarre!

funny man Les...not his real hair ;) and me with the youth group mascot Shebees

I had absolutely no other thoughts about Les other than friendship for that entire first year. That was until I heard what I would describe as a strong impression from God that I was going to marry him one day. WHAT?! It literally surprised me. He was a little older than me so I wasn't so sure,but when I looked at my imaginary list he seemed to fit the bill. I prayed and prayed. If he was supposed to be the "one", it sure didn't seem to be the case because he had no interest in me. So I just sat on it. I continued our friendship and perhaps placed myself in the right places a little more than usual. Months went by, still nothing. Eventually it finally started to look like some one was reciprocating my feelings. The reality of a real relationship dawned on me and I freaked a little. I didn't know what to do or how to go about it. Most of all I wanted to honour God so we decided to get some wise counsel to make sure those closest to us could see that it was a good idea too. We pray some more...until finally we were both IN. We were officially courting!
We really wanted to honour God, and so decided early on that we would do what the bible says and wait until marriage to get our "Love on". I knew it was going to be hard and I was so afraid of falling into temptation. I had read a book about a young couple who had decided to wait until their wedding day to enjoy their first kiss. Can't have sex without kissing first I thought! So my lovely suitor agreed to my ridiculous request...we would wait until after the I do's for the first kiss.
We were engaged on a small island off the Fiji mainland. Les had come to Fiji to meet my mothers family and come to my brothers wedding. My family were especially nuts that week. Oh no! I thought...would he still want to marry into such a loud crazy family like mine. In tears I asked him...are you sure you want to be a part of my crazy family? He still did!

Small Engagement party on our return from the pretty island

We came home and began wedding plans. I hadn't been to many weddings by then, and really had no idea what I was doing. I was trying to keep costs low, because at the time my thoughts were "Cheap wedding all out on the honeymoon!" Silly really now that I think back. Sex must have been on the brain! After a 6 month engagement we planned to marry 23rd June 2001

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our love story....


PaisleyJade said...

LOVED reading this Jackie!! Brought back so many memories (and cracking up finding me and Syms in the top pic). Love you guys tonnes and it's been so aweomse watching you both together on this journey. xoxo

p.s. you look so cute and young in the bottom pic!

Leonie said...

wow, Jackie, what an awesome love story!!!

Happy painter said...

We remember Les comming home and sitting on the end of our bed (LES" your son is besoted ")Then in Les fashion in quiet small installments we were told about this girl at church Jackie. One installment I remember was "She is quiet LOUD " Well we eventually met this pretty quiet (Nervous me thinks ) girl who we were very happy to have in our family:) It has been wonderful to witness love grow from strength to strength and we can only wish for you both to live to enjoy the love your Mum and Dad B are loving and living now .

Meghan at MNM's said...

Awww such a lovely love story. I totally LOVE hearing the stories about how people met and always gives me such warm fuzzies. Especially loved that you guys totally honoured God with your decisions up until marriage.

Ha ha I just realised how many times I said 'love' in that comment, I'll stop now.

xx Meg

Rachel Kate said...

:) love your story so far!! I don't think I paid too much attention at the time as you were so much 'older' than me hahaha funny how 3years back then was huge. Love that I am in that pic too!! xo

Elizabeth said...

I love love-stories... looking forward to the next instalment!

Symon said...

Awesome Jacks! Privileged to have been a part of it all ;-)

kendylsPlace said...

What a lovely story, for a lovely couple! :-)