Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Operation Triathalon...progress report.

It's been a while since my last post about Operation Triathlon. See here for the background story.

Big new is... I bought a new bike for Christmas. Skeptical hubby rather reluctantly let me buy one after I assured him repeatedly..."I will totally use it more than once!". I have been getting out on the ROAD (!) at least once a week. I'm slowly building my fitness and distance. And of course getting more confident riding on the city roads.

She's so pretty! A real girly bike. All I need now is a pink helmet!

For the running leg I found this really fun free pod cast from here. A fellow blogging friend had steered me into the direction of a "couch to 5K" programme which works by interval training, walking 90 seconds..running 60 seconds etc. I thought to myself, who's going to be looking at their watch every few seconds. Then I came across the MP3 version of it. It has music playing then has a little hooter that alerts you its time to walk..or jog. Very cool! Great way to start running.

The swim leg training however has been sadly lacking over the last few weeks. The (free) swimming pool I want to train at has been closed, so I'll have to bite the bullet and go the other one.

On a another positive note...Hubby started doing training too and is a little inspired to try a sprint triathlon at some stage too. So its a bit tricky trying to fit it all in...work...three kids...other parts of life...but I'm positive we will get there in the end!

How are you "getting fit and healthy" for the new year?


Leonie said...

You go girl!!!!
I love the idea of that podcast for the couch to 5k!! awesome.. might need to look into that for me too :)
and nice bike!!!

PaisleyJade said...

So proud of you - your bike is so cute and girley! I'm hoping to get more exercise in and eat healthier this year too.

Sima J said...

Go superwoman!! Well done you! Love the pics on your bike - super cute :-)

weza said...

whoop whoop you are going to love completeing the tri. You go girl!

Widge said...

woohoo! go you! your bike is wicked!

Nikki Noo said...

Go you Jacksta!! What triathlon are you entering? I've done a couple of the "womens tri's" and had an absolute blast, then walked a half marathon last August which nearly killed me but was awesome!

jacksta said...

Thanks gals :)
Yeah Nikki Just doing one of those womens tris. Short course but something to get me going!

Gail said...

Love the bike!! And the goals - go you!!
The MP3 run trainer sounds cool!