Thursday, January 27, 2011

When the kids are 18 and leave home...then life will be a little easier

Bubba (7 months) is at the learning to sit up stage. Pillows surround him, toys are arranged directly in front of him but his inquisitive mind wants the one just out of reach. Reaching, reaching, reaching...whoops overbalanced AGAIN and mumma has to come and rescue him, because he wants to sit up again...Waaaaaaa

Today I found myself thinking...when the baby can sit up and play by himself, life might be a little easier. Then I thought of all the "when thes" I often allow my mind to think.

When the baby sleeps through the might be a little easier... When the kids are at might be a little easier... When the kids are 18 and leave home...then life will be a little easier

When do the "when such-and-such happens, then I'll be happy" end?

I attend a Mums group with our local church and we often invite mums with older children to share something with us. An overwhelming number of them ALWAYS say..."I know these years with little ones are tough...but try and enjoy them anyway. Because before you know it they are grown up and leaving home!" A reminder I don't mind hearing every fortnight! Because I forget, all too easy I forget.
I want to enjoy every age and stage and not wish my life would fast forward to the parts that will only make me happy.

I watched the movie "Click" last week, which is probably why this is on my mind. Take out Adam Sandlers usual crass humour and the end message is really quite a good one.
We all need reminding that we should enjoy today.


Gail said...

We're on the same page babe!xx

PaisleyJade said...

Thanks for the reminder - was planning eldests sons moving out date yesterday ;)

Sima J said...

A great reminder! Haha cracks me up how you take a photo of him crying "just hang on darling, I just thought of a great blog to use with this pic" it is SO something I would do hehe :-)

KendylsPlace said...

Haha yeah I thought the same as Simone... Love it how you left him to take a pic! I do remember a pic on Simone's page of Kohen asleep in his Jolly jumper at a very odd angle - which she'd taken a pic of! I'll TRY to enjoy this time in my life where I have money to spend, and travel to do, and sleep in when I like, and no one says MUM, MUM, MUM to me ever. Ill try my best. :-)

Little Kiwi Chick said...

It's so cool that our kids are exactly the same age - to the day!!! :o) Abbey is doing the same thing - sitting up with pillows but still manages to lose her balance. Time is racing and I feel like her baby stage is going to be over in the blink of an eye :o(

Sometimes I flash forward in my mind to when she's a teenager and hope so much that she'll be able to make the right choices in life and it's then that I feel really grateful that we DO have so much time in front of us to mould her and teach her as best we can - then I feel really thankful to God that life does just come one day at a time!!!

Mon said...

Ha, I actually really like that movie! Yeah I know what you mean. I've come to realise that in someways the baby and preschool part is waaay less hectic than my life with school age children. I'm a taxi all the time now...its good to enjoy the quiet peaceful (ish) days before they grow up and become to cool to want to be at home!

jacksta said...

Sim and Kendyl...Haha...Got get those shots.
Jen...I know it is soo cool to watch the baby's stages. This is the only instance out of all three kids where I "know" someone elses child is the same day!
Mon...Im secretly a Adam Sandler fan. Have you seen "Grown ups" just out DVD. Is a PG and surprisingly funny.

Nessie said...

Hats off to you mothers I say! I haven't been blessed with any kiddies yet and am constantly in awe of how you mums out there can even function on such little sleep!!! Much kudos to you and sending serene vibes your way :)

Widge said...

That movie is great aye! We really enjoyed it awhile back. Must watch it again sometime.

Lately I have been having these thoughts in a kind of opposite way. Since I am nearing out of pre-school age kids I have stopped and thought how much easier some things are now carting a buggy around with us everywhere we go, all toilet trained, no more waking up to a gross nappy first thing in the morning! (blaaah had that for 10 years solid)!
No chasing after toddlers on the go etc..
There's heaps of little things like that, that at this stage I am thankful for being finished with and it helps me keep things in perspective when I'm dealing with the new challenges in this age bracket, that it won't last forever.