Tuesday, January 18, 2011

25 random things about me.

I found this note from a couple of years ago from my Facebook page, where you write 25 random things about yourself . So just in case you wanted to know me a bit better here's 25 random things about me.

1) I am Indo/Fijian-European. Born in NZ
2) I grew up in Northland and therefore learnt to pronounce Maori words properly.
3) I have 3 half brothers, 1 half sister and a real brother. It is complicated as is my family relations. I am a middle child...I think.
4) I like to fill in forms. Census year is my favourite year.
5) I like a good mocchacino
6) I am married with children.
7) I have bungy jumped and sky dived.
8) I love theme parks with roller coasters.
9) Until this month I hadn't called in sick in 5 years
10) I don't like really hot(chilli) food.But I like curry.
11) I could cook a family meal when I was 10.
12) I used to spend my holidays (when I was 8-11years old) with an elderly couple on farm in Kaeo. She taught me to bake cakes and srub her back... And I liked to...maybe that's why I became a nurse.
13) I got married when I was 20.
14) I haven't found my niche love as a nurse.
15) I have been going to church since I was 7
16) I moved out of home when I was 17 to do my degree.
17) We have had the same car for 7 years.
18) I am very Independent
19) I am not afraid of public speaking.
20) I once played Judas in our school production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
21) I can understand Hindi but don't speak it very well.
22) I have never been a bridesmaid.
23) I am not a very good swimmer.
24) I like cheesecake
25) I find it hard to plan my life out in advance. Id rather live for today and let God lead me for the rest.
26) Sometimes I don't like to follow the rules...that is why I have added another random thing...just to be annoying and different. I like to be different... and annoying just for the sake of it.


KendylsPlace said...

I like to learn more about you!! Cool idea - and I like #26 best... (And its a shame you havent found your niche as a nurse... I hope you do!)

Lyns said...

We are so different...well in that I H A T E filling in forms. I call myself form-phobic.
But I do love rollercoasters, and have never been a bridesmaid or a very good swimmer.
Thanks for sharing. Fun. xx

Widge said...

I love reading about people this way :)
I always make a mess of my forms. will end up making the most bizarre spelling mistake or something.I cringed at the scrubbing of her back part LOL...good thing I'm not a nurse ;)And I also love cheesecake and pubic speaking..you can keep the bungy jumping though!

Katie said...

Awesome list! I remember doing this too...might have to find it and post it :-)

Holly said...

#4, #13 and #16: SAME!!!

lesmondj said...

I have to disagree with #23

After almost 10 years of marriage I saw you bust out the mean as freestyle and backstroke!

What other surprises have you in store for me?

P.S ROCK ON #17!

jacksta said...

My Love....Don't you think it about time we got a new car!!!

Leonie said...

I love your list!
I hate filling out forms, in OZ you have to fill out lots of forms :(
Love #25 and #26!!

Carol said...

I'm glad I have discovered your blog! :)