Thursday, January 20, 2011

I hate to be the one to say it....

But...there's only a week and half of school holidays left! Depending on high you are on the "slowly going crazy scale", this may be a good or bad thing. I have enjoyed these holidays and so have the kids. We are all recharging for another school year. Miss 7 will be in year3 this year. New class, new teacher and very exciting for our school, new high tech classrooms to learn in. Master 4 will be a master 5 in April so he is looking forward to the big milestone, starting school. Until then fun at morning Kindy.

Here are a couple of pics from our school holidays so far...

Camping in the back yard with Dadda. See his blog about it here

Friends over for playtime.

Trips to the beach.

Craft projects to deliver to little friends.

And my big new is I had a good first day back at work on Sunday. I was super nervous but while I was looking after my patients I had a real sense of..."I'm actually quite good at this nurse thing". After the thankless job of mothering only for the last 8 months, it was nice to have some sort of job satisfaction. I guess you really only get the pay off of tireless mothering when the kids move out and they realize how great you are. That seems way off!

How are your holidays going and how far on the "slowly going crazy scale" are you at the moment?


Mon said...

At the beginning of the holidays I was an 8, but things have settled and we are just cruising and enjoying ourselves. I can't believe school's only 2 weeks away (for us). On the other hand I'm quite keen to get stuck into starting the year so I'm not too gutted!

Lyns said...

Still 3 weeks of holidays here. Hubby on holiday at end of the week for a couple of weeks so we have delayed kids return to preschool. Glad you enjoyed your first day back at work x

Sima J said...

Yay for holidays and yay for school :-) Both are good in their own ways! A good thing about homeschooling is that you can always start early and take more breaks later (which is what we are doing!) :-)

Leonie said...

our holidays have been very interesting, rain, floods, moving... phew.
My kids are nervous as starting a new school (and Miss 5 starting school).. one in grade 3 and one in grade 5 (where did the time go)
Love the photo of your little one at the beach - cute!!