Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why I ♥ Blogging.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, reflection if you will, about why I blog, and why I have become an addict. A quick sit down to check facebook and my daily blog reel soon becomes an hour long exercise...and this may or may not happen more than once in a day. How did I become so addicted to social media? What is that draws me in everyday?
So these are my reasons I ♥ blogging.

1) Blogging encourages me to pay attention to my life. Once living on auto pilot, I now see life through a different perspective..."Maybe I can blog about this..."
2) Blogging encourages me to take more photos. Not just of the big events...birthdays, first days etc...but random things like the kids lego creations, their activities, creation, scenery. Recording our life through pictures.
3) Blogging encourages me to savour what I eat and how I cook it. I love cooking and and eating, and now I think.." I gotta get a picture of this!"
4) Blogging encourages me to write. This has never been a strong point in my life. I made it through English in high school but it was never something I was naturally good at. I hated poetry, but I have written a couple in my blog...and I have no idea where they came from. The process of taking thoughts and writing them has been very cathartic.
5) Blogging encourages me to be thankful. Thankful all for the good things, the challenging things and the mundane things.
These are the things that I get out of blogging personally

The other part is reading others blogs and the amazing bloggers out there in blogland.

1) Bloggers inspire me. People who have endured personal tragedy, overcome illness, lost loved ones, have had ill children, all these and many more inspire me to love more, laugh more and live more.
2) Bloggers share great ideas. I am always learning new things. New recipes, new photography techniques, new craft ideas, and new tips. I love learning new things.
3) Bloggers make lovely friends. After meeting a bunch from our city, I have made some lovely new friends. And I am looking forward to meeting some more soon!
4)Bloggers challenge me. When you feel like quitting bloggers keep you in check to help you get to your goal.
5) Bloggers encourage me. Lovely comments left about things I have shared just encourage my heart and soul so much! Thank you for caring about me and my little part of the world. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read anything I blog about.

So there you have it. Why I love blogging.
Thank you for helping me enjoy life just a little more each day by reading my blog and writing great blogs for me the read too.
What is it about blogging that you like/love the most?


TracyP said...

I love ALL those things about Blogging too! I started just blogging about my craft and it has turned into a family diary of sorts!! It is also an outlet and a source of comfort!

Go Bloggers!!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

You have hit the nail on the head! These are exactly the reasons why I blog too. I am so much more aware of the precious moments going on around me and it has made me much more thankful too.

I know a few people have gotten a bit disillusioned with blogging lately so I hope that doesn't happen to me. It has been a wonderful creative outlet and a way of connecting with fabulous people I never would have had the opportunity to you my dear!!!

PaisleyJade said...

Such great reasons - I started blogging to share craft and family ideas after getting so much inspiration from other bloggers, but it has turned into so much more. I love the community aspect of blogging - and it totally makes me appreciate every moment of my day and the people I share it with.

The South African Kiwis said...

You what's weird? Bloggy friendships seem to be THAT much more intimate because we understand what goes on in each other's heads. I've found my blog to be an outlet for all the stuff I hold inside, and knowing that there are people out there who know what goes on inside my head AND STILL LOVE ME ANYWAY - it's so freeing. Thanks for being one of those people JackstaB!

Leonie said...

Thats so true for me too Jackie.
I started blogging to show the craft I was making ...but hardly even remember to photograph it anymore! Mines become a lot more about LIFE. Meeting bloggers has been one of the coolest things to come out of it for friends who you feel like you know from the moment you meet - pretty awesome I'd say!

Simoney said...

I love this post!!
What a great summary of the reasons you blog... and guess what? Those are all the reasons I ♥ blogging too!
You have summed it up.
Will be great to hook up with the Northland bloggers soon!! (you girls look like a bunch of FUN!)xx