Thursday, April 28, 2011


Either Im really clumsy or they just don't make things like they used to!

Exhibit A

The little plastic part on my new kitchen whizz broke off as I was putting it back together! This is part of its safety lock now that its snapped off the whole thing won't work! I'm not the best at keeping receipts and thought for sure I would have to pay something exorbitant for a new lid, but I just rang Breville Customer Service and they are going to send me out one for free because its still under a year old. Good on ya Breville.

Exhibit B

My Samsung front loader broke down a couple of weeks ago. Its done pretty well, 4 and 1/2 years without a problem. I called in some appliance guys and they decided the pump was broken because one of Miss Joys hair clips had stuffed it up... cost of hair clip 20cents. Cost of repair bill... $300. Ouch! Almost the price of a whole new one! Ah well you gotta do what ya gotta do.

What do you reckon? Do the electrical appliances they make these days seem to last as long as the old time stuff? It seems we are becoming a disposable society perhaps because spare parts and labour almost cost the same as buying a whole new one. Weird huh? I'm no greenie but all this crap and rubbish has to be put somewhere?


Leonie said...

I agree Jackie, nothing lasts as long. We too have had so many things break down/ need replacing or cost a fortune to fix that years ago Im sure my parents had for 20+ years. For me is beaters and dvd players. We never get long out of these and they usually crap out just after the warranty has run out!
GOod on ya Breville for standing by your product!

Tall Pipi said...

I agree Jackie. I think now that most things are made cheaply in China - if not the whole appliance, then at least the parts, everything has become more expendable. Some people reckon the way around it is to buy NZ-made but that is becoming harder and harder as production costs matter. I think the key is to rely on as few appliances as necessary. That way you will be throwing away less. Sounds a bit green to me but I guess you could feel better knowing you're not contributing to what must be starting to be a MASSIVE and ultimately useless scrap heap.