Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Undivided attention

French doors wide open
We perch ourselves in the sunniest spot
Taking in the Autumn sun
TV off, no computer screen catching my attention
No book or magazine or newspaper before my eyes
Nothing but you and me
I give you my undivided attention

No older sister or brother
poking their noses in.
Just you on your lonesome
Like a first born, I marvel at you
Your inquisitiveness, your movements,
How wonderful and fearfully created you are.

How blessed I am, I wonder in amazement
Dishes forgotten, washing left untouched,
Floors left dusty.
Captivated by you instead
All because on this sunny Autumn day
I chose to give you my undivided attention instead.

Whoop whoop...the chicken pox are clearing. Thanks for the love and concern on this post. Bubbas been a real trooper...and we are slowly coming out of quarantine... xx


Leonie said...

perfect Jackie, just perfect. Loving that you are relishing in the time with your sweet boy and using the 'quarantine' as a special time for you and him.

PaisleyJade said...

Precious - love how you write.

The South African Kiwis said...

Thanks for inspiring me to stop and 'smell the baby's head' ;)

Sanna said...

Love it. Its how I think sometimes, but I never write it down. You totally captured it:)

Lyns said...

Such a beautiful way to spend your day.xx

Meghan at MNM's said...

It's the infrequency in us stopping and choosing those 'undivided attention' moments that makes them so beautiful.

Lovely lovely post

lesmondj said...

Very nice. He's a lucky little man to have a Mummy like you my love.

Katie said...

This is just gorgeous. Aren't these sunny but not too hot autumn days just lovely?

Brigitte said...

This is so precious!! Beautifully crafted words capturing a very special bonding time - LOVE IT! X