Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Iron NUN

Yes I know what you are thinking...another triathlon biography. And you are right...this would be my third triathlon book Ive read. I guess its just where I'm at the moment...needing inspiration to train for the Triwoman event which insidently is this Saturday.
But this amazing lady is a flippin legend! Even though I'm a Christian, the only thing I know about Catholicism is what Ive seen on Father Ted ( not a great example!). So I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Sister Madonna.
She was born in to quite a nice middle class family, with opportunities to marry and having attended university, she sacrificed it all to be "married to the Lord", dedicating her life to her faith and service to others. It wasn't until she was in her forties that she put on a second hand pair of tennis shoes and enjoyed her first run. A decade of marrathons later she was up for a new challenge and she attempted her first her 50's. She then went on the try her first Ironman (3.8k swim, 180k ride, 42k run) in her sixties making records as the oldest competitor let alone a female one. Others in her Catholic circles wondered weather this was nun behavior...donning the swim suits and tights in all and she writes this...

Often she completed races in pain, after many broken bones from bike accidents and other injuries. She would be asked by event organisers to bless the events and pray with other people before events etc. But the major thing I took away after reading this book was that age is no barrier. Yes, now that she is getting older it takes her longer to complete a race, but she still wants to remain active as long as she can. This really inspires me. In my line of work as a nurse I work with a lot of elderly folk, and I only get to see the sick ones. So reading about someone who is still competing at 80 is just amazing. When I'm struggling my 3k run (ridiculous in comparison!) I think if Sister Madonna can...I can!
Heres a video

If you are keen for an inspiring read give this one ago.
I'm into biographies at the moment. Do you recommend any that I should read?


Leonie said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome book Jackie!!!
Did you borrow it from the library, Id love to read it.
I read a great biography while in Australia...but cant remember the name of it - I will find out for you!

PaisleyJade said...

Wowsers - what an amazing lady!!!

lesmondj said...

Cool to see her on youtube. What an absolute machine! Love the way she desribes praying for entire races in the book.