Friday, March 18, 2011

Things Im lovin...

I'm feelin in a bit of a grump today. After a weeks worth of Chicken pox quarantine, finding somethings to be thankful for is going to be good for my soul :)

Linking in with Paisley Jades


So thankful for this week:

Watching Hubster (AKA Lesmond J) getting all trim and fit like. He has also been incredibly supportive of my effort to get fit for my Triwoman event. I think Yay for us! Its great to be fit and sets a great example to the kids.

Zak Zak having fun on a swing just for him. And Joe having great fun seeing him smile

Following Paisley Jades Recipe for the best Fudge Brownies..and them turning out great!

Poppa dropping by for a visit and a cuddle
Funny photos

Almost making it to the top...and watching the years worth of progress and over coming fear to get this far.


PaisleyJade said...

Love your list Jackie! Feeling for you with the pox - I really hated my weeks and weeks of it. So glad the brownie turned out great - I just made it yesterday too and put it into a round tin to cook and sliced wedges... mmmm!

Leonie said...

Love your list too Jackie
Hope those pox are nearly gone!
Cute photos!!

TracyP said...

Great list!!!
I really should have come rubbed my kids on yours!!
Might have to try that brownie recipe too ....

Anonymous said...

That photo is hilarious. The brownie looks amazing and the pox sucks but hopefully all done now!!

The South African Kiwis said...

Is THAT where the recipe for those brownies is to be found!
Thinking of you with the quarantine.