Monday, March 21, 2011

Lego Creations

My Hubsta picked up a box of lego at a garage sale a few years ago. We have been slowly adding to it over the years with little cheap projects. Miss 7 has been enjoying it for a while now and now Master 4 1/5 is loving it too. They have both developed so much in their creativity. Initially they would bring us up their little projects and I would think to myself "What is it?". Now they bring up an elaborate house or a car...and I think..yes that really looks like... something!

From this site I learned the other things they are learning are:

  • Learning about Numbers through Play
  • Social development
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Ideas and Creativity
  • learning by doing, also referred to as hands-on learning or learning by making things
  • Getting a feel for [a grasp on, literally] the qualities of the materials at hand
  • learning about the powers of progressive refinement (trial-error), and of starting over (doing-undoing)
  • patience, determination and self-esteem

And here I was thinking it was just a nice way to get some peace and quiet!
Are your kids into lego?


TracyP said...

my Riley LOVES lego!! He got a new set for his birthday on the weekend, he spends hours building with his lego!!

PaisleyJade said...

Yep - all the kids enjoy lego... even Syms too!

Sima J said...

SO true! It's a GREAT learning medium! We use it in our history lesson to make things like ancient pyramids etc :-) Jared can't get enough of LEGO (Kohen, not so much yet .. but give it time!)

Leonie said...

Great score!
Ben is totally in Lego at the much so I am planning a Lego birthday party for him!!
The girls love it too...

jacksta said...

Great idea Sima
Leonie have you seen the lego could make one of those :)

Meghan at MNM's said...

Lego is a favorite in our house full of boys! Even mr 18 months is giving it a good go! Love all the learning that comes with it! Here I was just thinking they were having!

Your post saved us from arsenic hour tonight. After nearly testing my hair out with two ratty kids when we got home, I suddenly remembered your post.

Out came the box of lego and silence and happy play reigned once more. Thanks for the reminder!

KendylsPlace said...

We have a big box of lego at my house, and no kids! Haha. A toy that spans the ages. :-)

My lego creations said...

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Dee said...

TOTALLY into lego!
like, All.Day.Long into lego!! even the 15mo is mad on it - helmet on, helmet off, helmet on, helmet off...etcetc
it's gonna be a breeze having 4 kids indoors this winter (we didn't have any lego last year), yay!