Friday, September 3, 2010

♪ Where everybody knows your name... ♪

I guess people really are creatures of habit. There is something comforting in the "tried and true" of our lives.
I have a favorite coffee shop where I live. I love the coffee (Mocha in a bowl), I love the new magazines, I love the food, I love the art on the wall and I love the sounds. Its my happy place I go to once in a while when I can. I haven't been able to get out much with the new bubba (way too much effort!) but yesterday I went because I really needed some caffeine after a long night of newborn wake ups. I didn't even need to verbalize my order!... "Mocha in a bowl?" the barista asks. YES PLEASE! She knows my drink.
Reminds me of the eighties classic Cheers. (* cue nostalgic music here*) "Norm!" they all call out. Its very cool when someone pays attention and knows your drink.

Whats your favorite coffee place?


Rachel Kate said...

wish i had one! probably tempt tho it's been a long time since i've had a real coffee. sigh.

PaisleyJade said...

I've fallen in love with your favourite place too... and Deluca (nice coffee)... and Nectar... and Vinyl... and I'm an addict...

softearthart said...

Yes, it is always cool when they know your poison, I have a cool spot in Havelock North. cheers Marie

Widge said...

Hi! thanks for your commeto on my blog :)

I love that too when they just know....husband and I used to visit a sovalaki place (so don't know how to spell that one, you know the pita breads wrapped over kebabs) like that when we were "going out".
Loved "Norm" was the standard joke in our class in high school for some reason.