Friday, September 10, 2010

New Food Friday.

I love watching shows about food. Top chef, F word, Rachel Ray, even Jo Seagers cooking show, but never seem to try any of the recipes. Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia I'm keen to try some new recipes and ingredients. So for my first New Food Friday post this week I thought I would try a Coucous recipe. Its one of those ingredients I've eaten at other people's places and thought I should try this at home.

So heres' my Mediterranean chicken and couscous.
Recipe: Brown the chicken thighs in fry pan with olive oil, add sliced onion, saute for a bit. Add chopped veges- Zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms and can of Watties Moroccan tomatoes and simmer until veges are cooked. Roughly chop up the Alison Holst nut mix. This one had crasins instead of raisins. And add to pan. Simmer until done. Serve over couscous (cooked as directed on the packet).
One Mediterranean chicken and couscous. Done. (As Ramsey would say :) )

So what did the food critics think? One out of two thumbs up from Miss 6, Master 4 and Lesmond J. Bubba gives his two thumbs up (he doesn't really know any thing about it..this is just for my ego). And two thumbs up from me. So the score out of a possible 10 is 7.

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Gail said...

OOOOOOH i love a good couscous!! Just had a quick tiki-tour around your blog - yep I'm back on the recovery wagon after falling head deep into a lovely delicious pile of chocolate. Spring does that to ya!

nice to meet you :)