Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday. Mother-in-laws.

Today Im thankful for an amazing mother in law. I know for some the term"amazing mother-in-law" maybe an oxymoron, but not the case for me. She is a great Grandma, always lends a listening ear, hems my pants up (curse having short stubby legs!), makes delicious food and never crititises my cooking or worse my terrible house keeping skills...Unlike...Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond! This cool poem sums it up...

Some mother-in-laws are possessive;
Their child they still want to own.
My mother-in-law’s love is like sunlight;
On both of us it shone.

Some mother-in-laws put you down;
They think you’re not good enough.
My mother-in-law shows approval,
Affection, and other good stuff.

Some mother-in-laws interfere;
They think that they know best. My mother-in-law lets us be;
She’s better than the rest.



PaisleyJade said...

Awwww - such a sweet post. I love your mum in law.

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have a fabulous mother-in-law too. :) Love the poem!

Neetz said...

Cool post Jack :) I am also blessed with a wonderful caring lovely Mum in law... :)
Aint it awesome when both sides of the family can get along... we are off to cambridge tomorrow to spend the weekend with Warren's parents :) looking forward to it.

Rachel Kate said...

:) awesome