Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Favouritist" in the whole wide world.

Wow where has the last 10 weeks gone? Seems like yesterday I held my little newborn in my arms for the first time. And now he's out of newborn clothes and so much more aware of the world. The smiles are so rewarding, we love them. The whole family loves to do their best to make him smile.
As I was giving him cuddles after a feed, it occurred to me that I am his favourite person in the world wide world. And what a cool feeling it is. In these early months its easy to feel like a glorified milk machine. But for now Im going to enjoy this time being needed and loved by my little person until....he realizes daddy is way cooler and he's his favourite person in the whole wide world ...just like miss 6 and master 4 ;)


PaisleyJade said...

Oh he is just soooo cute! I have to have a proper cuddle sometime. Such a cutie.

Rachel Kate said...

i agree with K... very cute! let's hope you're his fav for a long time :)