Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miriam comes to visit

Look who came to visit our hood this week? The lovely Miriam from  Create Hope Inspire. When she sent an email saying she'll be in town and would love to catch up, I thought absolutely! I would describe Miriam as Sunshine Personified. After being such a wonderful hostess while Kristy and I were down in Christchurch  for the bloggers conference, we jumped at the chance to show her some Northland fun. I rallied a few of Whangarei blog crew together and we met at the "Fat Camel" our very own Isreali cafe/resturant. Babaganoosh!

The hide the "waddle" pose. Kristy and Miriam

Kristy, Miriam an Rachel

painting of camel?!

Simone and I discovered that we both have "flash eye"...you know that problem when you close your eyes with the flash. We had to laugh at this shot of us with the exact same eyes!

{Miriam, Stacey, Simone, Me and Becky}
We had a fun night eating humus, pitas, babaganoosh...and baklava.
Thanks for visiting Miriam! Come again :)

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PaisleyJade said...

Lovely nice and awesome pics Jackstab (hehe)!

Sima J said...

Was a great night out - thanks for organising it Jax! Love from your flash-eye-twin hehe

Neetz said...

Gosh Kristy's beautiful isn't she??? Just shining!! xx Looks like it was fun... bummed I didnt' get there to meet Stacey :) xx

dearfutureme... said...

Fun night - my first blogger outing! Thanks Jackie for organising! Awesome pics!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Oooh I aways get this little pang of envy when I see bloggers meeting up (even though I know I've had my fair share this year!). So cool that you all got to see Miriam - and eek! I spied Stacey there too - cool! You owe me a coffee date at the Fat Camel next time I'm in the hood - it looks fun and funky xx

Miriam said...

So fun to see the photos it was a great night! Thank you so, so much for organising. You Whangarei ladies are choice xxx