Monday, July 29, 2013

Life in bullet points.

  • Its been a while since the last bullet points post. 
    Doing dishes in PJS
  • Schools back! These holidays went way too fast. Now the older two are at a nice age where they can mostly entertain doesn't seem so stressful. I just added a smattering of fun stuff...intermingled with "if you haven't tidied your room and done your chores...then we cant do tomorrows fun stuff", the house stayed fairly orderly. There was however twice as much laundry!
  • Last Saturday after I slept off my super busy night shift, my darling hubster came home and announced we were going out for a surprise dinner. All of the kids were away with both sets of grand parents and it was just the two of us. Eek! He did not give away where we were going at all! This control freak is not a big fan of surprises...but this one was kind of fun. We ended up at a newly opened restaurant 20 minutes out of town called Outboards Resturant. The menu sounded quite delicious... and I really wanted to try about three of the entrees. I opted for one, a poached salmon Tian. Whats a Tian you ask? I didn't know either so I googled it at the table on my smart phone...and then decided it looked yum. Yay for technology. A nice little place, would definitely recommend it. 
    Salmon and Shrimp "Tian" with avacodo and micro greens
  • I'm doing a new challenge,  a movie challenge. I am trying to make my way through the greatest movies of all time, as rated on IMDB. I like movies...but I'm trying to get out of the usual ROMCOM, comedy and action/genres. Hubster doesn't see how this is a "challenge", but it is for me. I don't generally enjoy fantasy...made up worlds with new creatures and place names. It all gets a bit much for my little brain, so I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff. I also as a rule hate watching anything made before 1990! So the first movie I watched was a black and white movie called "Casablanca"...I finally watched the classic line "here's looking at you kid".  So for the last month I haven't even been near the new release section of the DVD store...and these movies are $1 on a Monday. Good cheap entertainment. 
  • Here's the list of the top twenty of all time. Have you seen many of them? I'm avoiding the R18s and if my local DVD stores don't have them I wont see some of the older ones. Turns out I have seen most of them. I got to the Star Wars one and decided to watch it all from Episode 1.  

IMDb Charts

1.9.2The Shawshank Redemption (1994)  1,009,339
2.9.2The Godfather (1972)712,529
3.9.0The Godfather: Part II (1974)461,084
4.8.9Pulp Fiction (1994)783,229
5.8.9The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)304,307
6.8.9The Dark Knight (2008)984,506
7.8.912 Angry Men (1957)247,823
8.8.9Schindler's List (1993)514,363
9.8.8The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King(2003)717,958
10.8.8Fight Club (1999)766,939
11.8.8Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back(1980)491,032
12.8.8The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring(2001)742,130
13.8.8One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)420,244
14.8.7Inception (2010)794,869
15.8.7Goodfellas (1990)438,220
16.8.7Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)552,242
17.8.7Seven Samurai (1954)153,738
18.8.7Forrest Gump (1994)666,713
19.8.7The Matrix (1999)725,450
20.8.7The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)644,289

  • I hung out with these lovely bloggers in the holidays. Good times.  

  • My kids are all germ free for the first time in MONTHS. It been a long while of snot noses...especially the little guy. I was starting to call him the runt of the litter.
  • After a lazy last term of no after school activities I have re-started swimming lessons. They cost a fortune..but I have a pipe dream of one of my kids being a triathlete...I'm thinking maybe Joe could. That boy can run... And the littlest fella master Zak is going to start kiddie Gymnastics....surely one of my kids could make me proud by representing NZ in something!

  • MY lovely MIL celebrated her birthday last weekend. We went out for pizza and champagne...

  • How exciting is the whole royal baby thing!? I know some people are over it already...but this is big. The boy will be the future KING. I was hoping for it to be a girl. The Queen had recently changed the law so that gender was not a factor when deciding who was in line for the throne which was a great movement towards gender equality. Obviously the Queen decided...being a lady never stopped her from being a great head of the Monarch. Very cool Queen indeed. 
  • READING:  "the Happiness Project" My first bought i-book Im reading on my phone. I'm a little bored with it..but I'm going to finish reading because I paid for it. 
  • LISTENING TO: Kim Walker-Smith and Skyla Smiths new CD "HOME". Very folksy.
  • I was thinking of starting a new regular feature on my blog called FOOD FRIDAY. So watch this space on Friday...if I could work out a linky party...I would...
  • EEEK Spring is around the corner! 


Renette Lambrechts said...

LOVE Kim Walker-Smith! And yay for a clean house during school hols!

Miriam said...

I get that movie thing in there being a challenge - I've seen some of them but there are others I just look at and think '2 hours wasted of my life'... doesn't that sound awful?? I'm trying to read more meaningful books mostly I read non-fiction craft books and the odd chick lit on holiday.... interested to see what you think of them.

Leonie said...

Yay for everything ! Dinner looks like it was yum!!

Neetz said...

yay for germy free days!! We're still trying to get there!! Great catching up with you too Jax :) Oh and where did you go for that pizza...looks DEEEEEELICIOUS! ;) xx

Widge said...

I'm pretty much the same ad you movie wise.
We have all the Star Wars movies and yet I couldn't tell you what actually happens...
Maybe my challenge could be to watch every movie we own! Mikes a fantasy action nut. Blerg

Sammy said...

Love the bullet points! Makes me feel like I am in your house, thanks Jacksta!