Thursday, July 4, 2013

June catch up

Well I had better catch you up on the highlights of June since I missed ya'll.

Zak Zak celebrated his 3rd birthday. Yuss! We are officially out of the terrible twos range. I said this to someone and said they can go on to the troublesome threes?! Well I'm rejecting that notion. I'm hoping for less tantys and more cuteness thanks. 

This birthday was especially cute. He was actually aware of what a birthday was and was really looking forward to it, singing himself happy birthday for days.  He's a bit Mickey Mouse mad so I baked a cake that he would love. It was my second fondant attempt..and it went a lot smoother that the last one. Using a bit of icing sugar to help with the rolling helped a lot. It was a layered chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing. Quite tasty. 
The sequels of excited delight were so cute as he opened his presents from his grandparents and us. A nice little family party.

Mickey Mouse cake. Chocolate layer cake with Red and black fondant icing

In other news we bought a new car. Finally. We have had the same car for 9 years. While it was fairly reliable it was time for an upgrade.
While we were in Auckland buying our car we decided to take the kids to Motat. I had never been, usually choosing the Zoo instead since they live down the same street. We were lucky enough to be there on the last day of special exhibit in the main exhibition area. It was a hands on motion and movement type thing.
After exploring Motat for a while we hopped on the tram (included in the price of the ticket) and it took us all the way past the Zoo and to the Aviation Display Hall. We had no idea this was included in the pass. What a cool place. Generally we all had a good day and would recommend it.
I'm loving the age that the older two are at when it comes to taking them to new places to learn and explore.

olden day class rooms
Walk way of mirrors
Zak Zak holding on to his ticket on the tram. 

One of the giant plane at the Aviation Museum 

Me and my love.

Also in June we celebrated our wedding anniversary. 12 years we have now been married. Yay us! Our wedding day seems like such a loooong time ago!
 I would have loved a weekend away but getting three kids taken care of is a mission so we settled for an afternoon of golf and a fancy dinner out at one of our favourite restaurants and then a movie.

We were both really out of practice and lost a few balls.  I managed to score one par...the rest were bogeys! But it was nice to get out in the fresh air. 

This meal here is actually a dessert! Its called a "kiwi fish n chip". The "fish" is actually a pineapple fritter. The "chips" are shortbread. It has a little banana milkshake and a caramel Sundae. Super fun dessert to eat!

Other things:

  • I did about half the things on my  to do list. Perhaps Im better at having a "TO DON'T" list since it was fairly easy to abstain from FB. 
  • I read the "Great Gatsby"...I know! a novel! Its been a few years!
  • I bought us both an older model iphone that was on special at Vodafone. 
  • I knitted a scarf.
  • I hired a treadmill for a couple of months to get back into running. I am thinking of signing up for a race...just a short one. But I'm scared my knees are going to play up. I should just harden up and do it. 
  • Miss Joy and Joe both did really well in their cross country, both coming first in their years. I was such a proud mumma. Maybe I should go running with them! 
  • I finally got around to putting their school certificates and class photos in some sort of scrapbook. They spent ages looking through it.
  • Zak zak has increased his hours at Playschool to three mornings a week since turning three. So far my dreams of having the house all to myself have not happened as at least one kid has been home sick  instead. 
  • While I was on my break I thought I would try an organize my time a bit better like a little time table of sorts...I do it at work, why cant I do it at home? I'll let you know how that goes. 

That about sums up my June.
I have caught up on my favourite bloggers and its good to back in Blogland with you gals.
I missed you!


Rachel said...

Cool Jackie! Sounds like June was a really fun and productive month for you all! YES! Do a wee race... Fun times! I can help you with training and maybe even the knee issues if you want (from a runner's perspective, not a medical one) :)

Miriam said...

yeah those flaming to do lists.... the minute one thing gets crossed over 12 more get added! Mine is giant because of our holiday and I still can't be bothered to start!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yay - I don't feel like I missed out on your June at all now - that's one cool looking cake you made Zak Zak! I have fond memories of Motat growing up - haven't been for years though - should definitely put it on the bucket list for our next Auckland trip. Congrats on an awesome 12 years of togetherness xx