Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diago, the light bulb holder

Saturday Morning: Miss Joy says..there's a funny smell in my room. Its just the eggs we are having for breakfast I assured her. Turns out... not so much. The smell was more of a burning smell...plastic McDonalds toy verses hot bulb from her bedside lamp.
Luckily we found it before I burned in my sleep while I slept off my night shift.
The culprit...Mr Zakzak.
This naughty little stunt ranks up there with the other kids doing things like:
a) finding all the cameo cremes have had the cremes licked out of them with the biscuit parts all over the floor.
b) Someone had peeled all the bananas...not to eat...  just peeled.
c) Having poo finger painted all over the back of a white bed room door.

Kids are cute...but they sure do break a lot of stuff.

There is this funny website dedicated to stuff kids ruin...maybe I should submit the photo.


Rachel Osborne said...

haha yikes! Scary but it kinda looks like a Pinterest craft. What to do with all your crappy McD's toys? Melt them onto your light bulbs of course! Ah kids.

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh my
Glad you found it.
Your list is funny tho LOL J x

PaisleyJade said...

I didn't get this at first - though it was a new cute toy that holds your light bulbs as you put them in!

Widge said...

yeah I could add a few doozies to that site too...

Miriam said...

that is awesome - it really looks like it's supposed to be that way. glad you are recording these stories for posterity - he will love hearing them

Sammy said...

This is hysterical and I thought that you had some kind of special Diego lamp to start off with! Yes send into that website and let un know when you do!!!!