Friday, April 5, 2013

Things Im loving~GIVEAWAY~

I've been looking forward to 200th post!
Seriously...thank you so much to you all who read and comment on my blog. It makes it so much more fun interacting with people through this amazing medium of blog-land.  And to say thank you to my readers, I have a few Things I'm loving at the moment that I wanna share with you and give to one lucky reader.

It been a while but I'm linking in with Meghan's "Things Im loving"

It is no secret that I love coffee. I have settled on this one company called "Coffee Supreme". They do a range of blends and you can choose your grind.  I like whole beans so I can grind them for my espresso machine. The best thing about this company is that I can order it online this morning and without a word of a lie it arrives the next day for just $3 postage! And the coffee was probably roasted that day too! So fresh and so good. I love their service so much that I sent them a little email saying how much other internet companies could learn from their speedy service, along with a "hey I'm a blogger...maybe you might have a little something for my readers..."  line, (Which I never do by the way!).  And they said they would be glad to send one of you lovely people one of their merchandise tee shirts. I picked a "Raglan Tee Shirt", size medium...because they look so darn cute! I may get one for myself.

Image from here
Im also chucking in my favourite coffee beans "the Supreme" blend.

This is my favourite genre of books at the moment. It is probably why I like reading blogs...I'm interested in how people do life. I found this one that I thought might be an inspiration for you. Born with out arms and legs, it has not stopped this guy. Nick Vujicic and his wife even recently had their first baby! This guy is a legend and has even appeared on Oprah Winfrey's new network and is inspirational speaker encouraging people to live their best life.

If you ever visit Whangarei you must stop in at the "Fudge Farm" at the town basin. I have been eating their Russian  fudge for decades, and just for you I have a bottle of their Russian Fudge Sauce.
And I couldn't forget my favourite chocolate Lindt. You could share these with your kids...or not! I love them!

And all you have to do to be in to win this fab giveaway (worth over $100) is fill in the blanks of the these two words in the comments space below.  Its that easy.


Please make sure I can contact you via email  if I don't know you.

Best of luck. I will leave it open for a whole week and  draw a name on April 11th....My birthday! It will be a great day for both of us!


Sima J said...

;-) yum I didn't know they did SAUCE .. that sounds delish!! And I'm always in for some coffee! :-) (plus need I mention the chocolate .. chocolate lover over here!)
Congrats on your 200th post!!! :-) xo

Meghan at MNM's said...

PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wasn't sure if you had to get the exact number of E's to be in with a chance to I counted them all ha ha! Congrats on 200 wonderful posts, I have so enjoyed getting to know you in blog AND real life!

Arna-Lise Harris said...

PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Hehe. You are awesome. I love reading yr blog x

Miriam said...

yum!! (that's not my answer by the way) it's I and EEE :o)

Great idea and congrats on 200posts x

Rachel Kate said...

As usual love reading your stuff :)

Widge said...

I and EEE

can you pleeeeeeeeease
pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for actual!!!?! cos seriously that fudge sauce is making me delirious..

Jessica said...


TracyP said...

you don't need to PICK MEEEEEEEEE (I don't like coffee hehe) but congrats on your 200th post Jacksta!!

Clare said...

(well actually if I win I would love for mum to have it!)

WAY TO GO Jacksta! Love our blog and your friendship :)

Great job friend.

PaisleyJade said...

I and EEE! Best giveaway ever from coolest lady ever!

nz green buttons said...

Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Just found your blog, congrats on the milestone!

Tall Pipi said...

PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love your blog, as always. Congrats on 200!

Neetz said...

Oh "whew" I picked the right time to come back into the bloggy radar.... a GIVEAWAY!!

Now I was going to write "PICK MEEEEEEEE ....... Like everyone else, but ... BUT... I thought of someone more deserving than myself and she still fitted in the gaps: PICK MUMEEEEEEEE... so if I somehow win the draw I will bless my lovely Mummy with the winnings ;) She needs some love and sunshine in her day!! Love ya mate and we need to have a bloggy catch up soon okay!! xxx

Weza said...

Congrats on reaching 200 posts, your really getting your blogging mojo and Im loving what i have been reading from you lately. Fabulous giveaway, that coffee looks yum as does the sauce.
So in the spirit of community, I opt to pass my win on to Neetz if I win. Her mumma probably needs it more than me too.
so Pick Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Or Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz. xx

dearfutureme... said...

I don't usually enter the giveaways but I can't resist this amazing one!! Best giveaway ever! You rock. Pick meeeeeeeeee!

Jollym said...

PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! lol great giveaway :)

Brigitte said...

Ooooo Supreme Coffee!!! EEEEE! don't suppose you'd deliver to the UK.....? What a great giveaway!
Oh well, congrats on your 200th post WAHOO!!

Oh yeah - PUCK (said with a NZ accent!!) MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Melissa @ said...

Hmm not sure if last comment went through, anyway.....what a cool bday weekend in ChCh! Enjoy your hair appt, I'm going to the salon today, this conference will be keeping the hairdressing industry in NZ afloat for the month!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Melissa @

Stella Rutherford said...

Thanks for the reminder!!! PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm dying to try their coffee!

Tracy King said...


runnergirl said...

PICK MEEEEEEEEEEE - I hope that's enough E's for me to win! x

Leonie said...

She rushes in at the last minute...

Leonie said...

and I also want to pass it on to Neetz's Mum if I win

Neetz said...

Ohhhh thank you so much Weza and Leonie.. <3 You guys are fantastic and have made my heart swell with love xxxxxxxxxxxxx