Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pinata Party

 Well it’s been a week of back to reality. Did anyone else feel a come down after our bloggers weekend away?  After looking forward to it for four months...it was suddenly over.
And so I had a quiet week, Mr Zak zak was a little under the weather...so we chilled at home. 

I have been trying out my camera...mostly indoor shots because its finally started to rain in these here parts. I still haven't read the instructions yet. But I will!

 My first "foodie shot"

This is what you call a lazy cottage pie. My kids don't really like mashed potato...they must be the only kids on earth who don't! Seriously! So I just scallop layer the potatoes on top with a large sprinkling of cheese all over...bake until the potatoes are cooked and Viola. Dinner is served. Great for using left over mince. The picture is a before....there is no after....too many hungry tummies. But you get the idea. 

 Friday Fun-day.
And because it was too rainy to take my flash camera out we went clothes and shoe shopping for Friday fun-day instead. After an ice cream of course.


Joe's Birthday....The do's and don'ts  
 I felt so terrible because it was actually Joe's birthday the day we flew back from Christchurch, and he really wanted a "friends party". He had a little something on the day with hubsta and his grand parents...but I had promised him a little party. The trouble was trying to come up with a theme for it. He isn't really into just one thing. So I finally decided on a pinata party after seeing a cool pinata cake on pintrest. It was only eight days past his birthday! Oops.

Getting stuff sorted the night before....but a little distracted

How NOT to do a pinata cake. 
Do not use a bundt cake pan. Use a deep dish pan like the instructions stated from here

 My dear hubsta reckons it looks like one of things people use to play the winter sport Curling! 

Not quite right! But tasted great.
Chocolate Pinata cake with "Skittles" 

Don't pick a date were you are the only responsible adult around with all these kids to your self.
Do enlist the help of a miss bossy pants to help run the games so mummy can take pictures and manage the overtired two year old too. 

Do make sure the house looks like a crepe paper monster had thrown up all over the place half and hour before the kids are ready to arrive. 

Do expect to help the fellow six/seven year old with the craft project
It was supposed to be their own home made pinata. And I had envisioned the each kid might like to bash their boxes at the end of the day...But they were so proud of it. So they put their lollies in and took them home. 
Great fun.  

Do introduce the kids to the 80's game sensation....TWISTER! 
It went with the colourful theme.
These guys were so agile...hardly any of them fell over!

DO make sure no one gets hit in the head with the cricket bat, especially the responsible grown up!

Happy Birthday Little Man !


PaisleyJade said...

Love your theme. The girls filled the box with toys today and bashed it open with a stick! Next time you need an extra adult to help let me know!

Gail said...

That looks like the perfect party to me - games, cake and smiling kids. Love the crepe-paper bomb (the new bunting!??)

And I am a cottage pie cheat too - sometimes I even do a layer of sliced potato in the middle.... lasagne cheat :)

Tall Pipi said...

I laughed out loud reading this! I love the cake idea (even if it does look like something from curling). What a neat party you threw. Also loving the shoes pic - very arty, and especially loving that spiderman t-shirt - I want me one of those!

Weza said...

I feel your pain Jacksta. I have run a party on my own and for twin girls. I had 10 or so (i have a blurred memory from it) squealing 6 year olds to manage. It took me days to recover. DAYS!
Im loving the new camera pics. So clear.

TracyP said...

awesome party idea!!