Wednesday, April 10, 2013

birthday eve.

Holy Moly... I am shattered. Like the tiredest I have been in a long time. I am currently in sleep deficit from night shifts. The poor kids have woken to find a grumpy mummy...again. Nothing like kids waking early from the day light saving change to really ruin ones morning. I have had my morning coffee....but I think a couple more might be in order. On a side note...I got to work in our ICU last night. This was a major fear conquering exercise. Sick really sick people are not really my forte. I like  patients to be ...not sick! Thankfully I was well supported and left feeling like I did a good job.

I really need to get a good night sleep in before PJ and I start our girls weekend/bloggers conference in Christchurch at precisely 5.30am on Friday morning We will be trying to make our flight from Auckland before rush hour traffic. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. The control freak comes out in me at times like these. Usually I try and remain calm and stress free...but going to new places with new people worries me.
Top 7 worries at the moment.
1) That the accommodation that I have organised falls through or is not up to girls weekend standards.
2) That I will experience my first earth quake...and worst case scenario ...die in my sleep because the ceiling caves in from said earth quake.
3) That I will snore, sleep walk, or sleep talk or sleep eat. I think I only do one of these things in real life.
4) That Paisley Jade will break my bed again.
5) That I will forget to pack some essential item like shoes or my cell phone.
6) That my pajamas won't be warm enough in my bed and all the other girls who have bought "onesies" will be like..." should have bought one!" Check out PJ post on this.
7) That I'm leaving hubby with three kids for the whole weekend. I better make sure the cupboards are stocked and the washing is clean.

And today  its my Birthday Eve. I have a hair appointment booked for tomorrow so I can look fab for this weekend...and I might just cook the family my favourite meal...Roasted pork belly. Perhaps a nice dinner might take the sting out of the fact that hubby is obligingly getting me a new DSLR camera for my  birthday. I'd really like to get better with my photography skills. Do they do a Dummy's guide to photography? If they do...I need one. One thing about blogging is the appreciation of peoples clever photography skills. I have been chatting while playing Words with friends to a blog buddy who is a talented photographer. He reckoned I should go for a Nikon. Eek. I think this will be this years birthday present... and my Christmas present...and next years birthday present too aye...hubsta?

And just a reminder that I will be drawing a name out of the hat for my awesome giveaway tomorrow... April 11th! So make sure you head over there if you haven't already...and answer the very tricky question in the comments section!


Miriam said...

I SO resonate with fear 1 - it's my top fear that people will come and not enjoy themselves, or feel like it wasn't good enough.... I'm also worried about the state of my house and the fact that people might be unimpressed with my cleaning standards

Happy Birthday Eve

Widge said...

Dude! just the fact that YOU actually organised the accommodation for us all is AWESOME!dont stress, I dont think we are a fussy lot when it comes to style *ahem onesie gang alert....
And there is always my place to fall back on, and I have shoes and stuff.

Stella Rutherford said...

Yep, feeling the conference anxiety big time!!! Also, DSLR, sweeeeet!!!! My clever photographer sis is going to share some tips on my blog soon, yuss!! Also, she swears by Canon and has used both... Just throwing that in there :-/ See you soon!

Sammy said...

I am just grateful to be going but in my case have to get over the fact that I am travelling alone and "not on the party plane". Other than that I CANNOT wait.
You are such a star for organising the accommodation xx.
And happy birthday!!!!

runnergirl said...

Can't wait to hear how this weekend goes. I love your list of fears, so funny! Hopefully you don't die, I'm pretty sure you won't :) And I expect some pretty awesome photos now from that hot dang looking camera x

Neetz said...

Good choice on the Nikon... We have that camera (and another 2 dslr's also NIKON).. we'll never go back to Canon!! :)hehehe..

Happy birthday eve.. and have a great time away xxxx hugs xxxx

Neetz said...

actually I lied... we have 2 DSLR's and a SLR :) sorry... :) xx

TracyP said...

ooh new camera!! Exciting!
You are going to have such an awesome weekend away I so wish I could come!!
And Happy Birthday Eve xxx

PaisleyJade said...

I promise I won't break your bed okay. Other than that, this weekend is going to be amazing - even if you sorted a hut for us to stay in I'm sure we'd have a fab time! Birthday girls tomorrow!!!!

PaisleyJade said...

I meant birthday *girl

Tall Pipi said...

Can I alleviate some of your fears? 1. If accommodation sucks, there is always my house. We can have a great, big, giant sleepover!
2. We haven't had even a significant aftershock in quite a while let alone an earthquake and to be honest, we are feeling pretty confident it's all over.
3. Probably everyone else is worried about that too. (except them doing it, not you!)
4. Remember PJ has shed a few kilos due to all that running you're doing, so no worries there!
5. If you forget anything, we do have shops...lots of shops.
6. It is cold at night now, but not onesie cold! As long as your jammies are fleecy, you'll be right, and if not...we have shops...lots of shops.
7. You'll miss them, they'll miss you and you will all appreciate each other more on Sunday night.

I can't wait to see you and I know it's going to be a fantastic weekend! If all else fails...we have shops...lots of shops!


Meghan at MNM's said...

We can be camera twins, that's the same camera as mine! I *get* your fears...I have one of my own - making an egg of myself at the workshop is pretty high on my list right now! I'm gonna be feeling so much more relaxed come Saturday lunchtime! Can't wait to see ya xx

Leonie said...

Oh my gosh Jackie, you write the BEST posts!!!
1.Please dont worry about the accomodation! Please! It will be luxury to me as we are sleeping in an outside room at the moment and I have to go outside in the middle of the night, unlock the door to the house...just to go to the loo. Anything else will be five star!

2. the earthquake thing is worrying me a bit too... and the plane ride (yeah I know...I fly a lot, but still a nervous nelly)

3.I am mostly worried about sleep farting (shhh! did I really just admit that?)

4. haha, cracking up at Tallshorttiny's comment (sorry PJ).

5. No onesies here either.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, birthday week friend!!!
Hope you have a fab day tomorrow.
See you on the plane!!