Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bullet point life

My life as it currently stands {in bullet points}
#1 Lifes a beach #2 Original art work by tall pipi #3 School assembly #4 Miss joy giving her dadda a run for his money during the Kids verses Parents race

  • I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Here? Well let me tell you...
  • We did something grown up and switched banks this month, chasing a better interest rate. Which is great..but I decided to switch all our accounts over but new banks online page is really bugging me. Its so...ugly! Seriously...I've seen better blog sites, like all you good peoples out there. So I sent them some constructive "feed back" expressing there need to pretty up the banking page! May be Simoney and her talent for creative web page design could be used. 
  • Can you believe this summer! We have a promotion  in Whangarei called the "Endless Summer" and every other year...I think...Yeah not really....but this year, it really is! We aren't at the point of water restrictions here yet, because the city dams are okay, but the people on tanks are feeling it. And the local meat works are working overtime. More steak...but less milk. 
  • The older kids finished their athletics season. It has been a fun after school activity. The funniest thing I like to do is people watch...or in this case "parent watch". Most of the kids are there for a bit of fun, but it cracks me up watching Dad or Mum (who am I kidding..its usually the dad) take little Johnny aside and show him how it is really done. My kids really enjoyed the running the most.  I love watching my kids improve on things from the beginning of the season. The simplest thing like mastering    high jump ( in our case...landing on the mat correctly) fills my love tank. Miss Joy especially takes a wee longer than her little brother to do some things...but I love how she listens intently to the instructor and keeps practicing in line until its her turn again.
  • I won something!! An Original Art work by Tall Pipi and few months ago I won a Margaret Mahy book from Miriam at Create Hope Inspire. Thank you ladies! There is nothing a blogger loves more than I right?!

  • Which leads me to my next point. Look out for my next post which will be my 200th....and you know what that means!!! G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y. time. I have been collecting some cool stuff for ya'll. So stay tuned. 
  • Sometimes I get a little bored with this season in my life. I work  part-time,and would like to work more, but don't want to upset the balance of needing child care etc. I currently work 0.3 which is three shifts a fortnight. Mostly weekends and after hours.   When I'm at work and I have to explain to my colleagues why I don't work as much as they do, I feel a little embarrassed but I make a bit of a joke about it and we have a way of dealing with most awkward conversations. But then in my group of church friends and other mum friends, many don't work at all and have made the decision to stay at home full time.  I like what I do. At the end of a shift people actually thank me for the work I did and as a bonus I get paid for it. Parenting...not so much. I beg my kids to go to bed on time and they're in such a grump by then... I'm thankful my working day is over with them...and no one thanks me much at all. 

  • BUT then I realized NOT working full time has its ups with the kids too. Yesterday...I helped out with my daughters summer sports day. It was an inter school competition...and I was there to see it. The last few Monday mornings I have made it to their school assemblies, video camera and still camera snapping away like a proud mumma. My kids get a home cooked meal most nights....because I can do it. I can be available for taxi service for after school activities. 
  •  Sometimes a nice cold reality check gives you a slap in the face...and a wave of thankfulness replaces the resentment of the sacrifices that comes with being a mumma. I. Will. Enjoy. This. Season.!!
  • And on a side kids actually still want me to help out with school transport, I better make the most of it before..."could you please drop me off a block away" kicks in!
  • Holy Smokes! Not long now until the Christchurch Bloggers conference. I am apprehensive and and excited at the same time. I can't wait for my girls weekend with Paisley Jade. A great way to celebrate my Birthday! 
  • I had a hankering for Chocolate eclairs last week. Mine turned out blardy awful! Only the second thing in my cooking history I have had to throw out. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to ruin my cooking rep!

    Any hoo...the kids need a taxi ride home from school. And I am going to it...because I can :)


Widge said...

I feel much the same way in my parenting season, except for that my current job is not very rewarding at.all. Ugh
BUT hopefully that's all about to change!
Can't wait to hang with you!

Miriam said...

awesome stuff - so looking forward to meeting you too - hopefully it's a memorable birthday in all the right ways!

PaisleyJade said...

Syms and I keep getting excited about all the freedom we will have when the kids have left home - but keep trying to remind ourselves to enjoy the now even though it's so tiring sometimes! Haha. Can't wait for our girls weekend away! Whoop whoop!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yeah changing banks is a palaver - but you get there in the end. We forgot to switch a couple of things over and got stung with late fees for rates...whoops! Thankfully they were understanding and reversed them.

I can't wait to share my birthday week with YOU!

Clare said...

You are such an awesome mum and I love how you keep it real, Jacksta. Man, just had an epic mission for baby Hub to get to sleep tonight, caught up on your blog post and so glad I did! Bless

dearfutureme... said...

Love these bullet point posts! Go birthday fun! Also, that original art is totes amaze - lucky duck! x