Monday, July 30, 2012


Zak Zak fallen asleep eating sushi.
 A few months ago I went along to my favourite sushi bar. It had become a weekly institution. Okay, okay...sometimes I went more than once a week. I was worried when a new road cut down my traveling by car time from 8 minutes, right down to about 4, but a little self control helped me keep it to a reasonable frequency during the week. My toddler and son both enjoy the salmon rolls, so I tell my self, it's a treat for them too.

Any hoo, our town has a lots of sushi bars (Seriously I think we have the highest per capita for the population...Im sure!) but I had settled on this one place. The people were nice (Korean instead of Japanese though...I worked this out one day when I tried out my 3rd Form Japanese on them..."KONICHIWA"...blank look back.). The  sushi rolls were consistent and tasty. They had a good system and there was always ample free parking.

I had become accustomed to the nice people there. Sometimes they would sneak one of the boys a little crumbed prawn or something. And so I was a little taken a back when the teller told me in her broken English that they were "finishing their business". And Im not proud of what came out of my mouth next...."What do you mean you are finishing!? How can you do this to ME?!" (Yes...I did!) "Some  new owners will be here from tomorrow."... NEW?!. I paid and walked away sad faced. "All the best for the future" The lady behind me says after she had payed. Oh yeah...geez Im selfish! Thinking about me.  So...I take change personally sometimes.

So I went back to see the new owners...suss them out really. I  found ways of critiquing their sushi..."its not how the old owners made it..." and generally avoided the place by trying new places.
But today I went back. And you know what? It looks amazing. They have changed the decor a bit...and I like it. They have added new products to their range, which I tried today. The new girl is even nicer then the last people. She has a friendly face, and she is pretty quick with her telling skills. And...I have found the yummiest new thing. A banana and chocolate spring roll, dusted with icing sugar. Oh dear the hips really don't need that one!

So today I'm deciding that most change is good. That Change happens whether you want it or not. That change is beyond your control almost all of the time...unless you are the one making the change. That our job is just to roll with it...or figure out a way to change it for the better instead.

“Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” ~Robert C. Gallagher


Clare said...

That is a great post, Jackie! Oh no more Korean sushi makers...Were they the ones near countdown? In Ruakaka, the sushi shop there is run by Koreans too :) I haven't had sushi for over 6 months so can't wait after baby comes... They have a type of sushi over here called 'Kimbap'...

Leonie said...

Oh, I am so with you with the sushi shop thing. You KNOW my feelings about that particular shop!!What will I do when I come back to Whangas??? hahaha
But seriously, change is all good, its how we embrace it.
Sometimes it proves to be something wonderful.

PaisleyJade said...

Good stuff Jackie... and Symon and I now go there weekly for lunch for a treat too. Cracked me up reading your last paragraph after hearing the upset comments on Sunday when the chair layout was changed ;)

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

Love this post Jackie. Laughed out loud!! Great food for thought too x

dearfutureme... said...

Super cool post - so true about change (and I am so bad at change!) Thanks for the awesome post!

Stephen said...

This post is hilarious! Love it!