Monday, August 27, 2012

bullet point life

 My Life as it currently is, in bullet points.
  • Have ya missed me?
  • Im going to blog in bullet points today.
  • Just a catch up on random things Ive been up to. 
  • I finished work at 11:30 last night. I came home tired but couldn't get to sleep. So I got up and watched the Box for a while...okay until 1am. Then got up to sort kids for school etc.
  • Perhaps blogging when tired isn't such a good idea.
  • Our church's women's ministry in doing an 8 week course on Lisa Bevere's Lioness Arising Book. I am really enjoying it.
  • Miss Joy and Joe did great at their school cross country. 2nd for Miss Joy and 1st for Joe. I love that they give their best. Proud mama.
  • Its been the weirdest and hardest year. Grief, potential grief, big changes, kids having anesthetics. One thing I know for sure; God is faithful and His peace transcends all understanding.
  • I finally had a blood test to confirm what I already knew. I have low iron. Probably have had it all year. Have been feeling quite slow and tired this year. Not a good way to help deal with the previous bullet point. 
  • I am obsessed with "My Kitchen Rules" (TV 2) . Ahhh Pete and Manu. 
  •  I did a Treaty of Waitangi workshop last week. Lessons learnt: 1) When you get a group of talking woman together, the opportunities to go off topic are endless. 2) The only British  man in the group will be the first to be shown how to "Hongi". 3) The key to being culturally safe is to be sensitive to other peoples beliefs, cultures and values, and communicate, communicate, communicate. 
  • I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago. Its a bit different. I like that I never have the same hair style year in year out. I was talking to my hairdresser about it. She says she has the same clients who come in to have their hair set the the same way every week/month. I hope I don't do that when I'm old.
  • I am sure that I have the poster child for the terrible twos. I think I am dangerously close to being one of those mothers on "Super Nanny". Jo would be rolling her eyes at the camera about me. And if I caught her I would go all nutty at her, saying things like "you don't even know what you are talking don't even have a  24/7 family aren't sleep deprived...they haven't worn you down to a nervous wreck...of course the kids YOU nanny are lovely because kids are always better behaved for strangers...and grand parents..." 
  • Whoa. I have no idea where that came from. I told you I shouldn't be blogging tired.
  •  The All Blacks creamed the Auzzies on Saturday and it was GOOD.
  • I thought I may have got away with having no winter ills. Alas. I have the sniffles today. 
  • SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! <------------ ( can you tell I may just be a little excited about it)
  • I got into spring cleaning a little early and wiped down a few cupboards on Saturday. I didnt mean to. I was just looking for some ingredients to make carrot cake.
  • I did not have the right ingredients to make carrot cake. I'm keen to make one though.
  • My sister in law is visiting from Australia. Yay.
  • While I was awake last night, I was wondering to myself if  blogging was a little naff.
  • The kids and I have started a new thing. Its called fantastic Friday. Its when I pick them up from school and we go and have some fun somewhere instead of coming straight home. A play at the park and an ice cream for example. Its Miss Joys favourite part of the week. Who knew something so little could mean so much as long as you do it every week.
  • The kids have got a couple of pen pals. Two kids in Perth the same age as them. How cute the little hand written letters. It would be easier to be email buddies. But why not encourage a little bit of hand writing practice and old fashioned snail mail. 
  • Whew....That was a lot of random stuff. Hope all is well in your world.
  • This picture crack me up. A parody on  "Haters Gonna Hate"


TracyP said...

Love it :)
You always make me giggle Jacksta!

Monica Williams said...

Haha! I love your bullet points! And I think you are awesome. I too find myself occasionally watching TV late, but find myself waking up with a start at 2am dribbling on the couch while infomercials are playing. Its a classy look.

Widge said...

Love your bullets!
you're cool.
that's all.


PaisleyJade said...

You always have the coolest hair. ditto re crazy year, but God is soooo faithful. xk

lesmondj said...

Mmm Carrot cake. I had a piece today at work...colleagues birthday. But I'm keen for more :)

Leonie said...

Love the bullet point post Jacksta, makes me think I might do one (oh long forgotten blog of mine)
I was nodding my head to so many of your bullet points...
So, HI, glad to see your post ;)

Neetz said...

yay shes back..she's back shes b.b.b.b.b.back!! :) (now I should go blog too...sigh). xxxx

Meghan at MNM's said...

Nice to have you back, Jacksta. Love your random ramblings :-) Just ate Jamie Oliver's version of the carrot cake on the weekend, it's my favourite kind of cake!

Widge said...

This post actually reminded me that I made a carrot cake and forgot to ice it cos I didn't have lemon was about 2 months ago. and it's still in my cake tin in the cupboard...and now I'm scared.

Gail said...

Great list - I am going to my hair whisperer soon.... always a bit apprehensive about change......

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

LOVE your post. You must blog again when tired. Great stuff!!

RAOFLOL Widge!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen said...

I love finding a TV show to get obsessed over. I'm totally addicted to the American version of The Office. So funny!