Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend of Possibilities

This month we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I had booked tickets to see the Flight of the Conchords a few months ago and it conveniently fell the week after our anniversary. I have been a bit scratchy the last few months so a nice romantic weekend away was what we really needed. Some much needed reconnection time. I planned a weekend away to the big city and we called it the "Weekend of Possibilities", doing stuff that we don't get to do these days with three kids in tow. I had  planned a few things and left room for spontaneous plans too.

Highlights were:
 Stopping in at the Kaiwaka Odd Socks Cafe and scoring this burger for $3.50

Shooting stuff. I sucked at this...but it was fun giving it ago.

My first time go carting...The guys past me several times...but fun none the less.

We checked into our downtown apartment, which apparently used to be in Auckland's red light district...oops. 26 floors up gave us a great view over the harbour...or the heebie jeebies when we looked down.

I scored us a Grab One deal to Mikano in Auckland. A 6 course degustation menu for half price.

We walked to the Vector arena and was thoroughly entertained by the the Flight of Conchords. The were such a laugh.
 On Saturday morning hubby did the Powerade challenge while I enjoyed a sleep in. He ran 9km along the waterfront and did a respectable time of 45 minutes. Well done piyar. Somebody is finding it a little difficult to walk a few days later though!

Hubbies Brunch
Saturday afternoon I went on the hunt for some Macarons.  I drove to Newmarket especially to find some from this chick. I felt no shame in asking for one of each flavour...11 in all! Don't worry I shared some with hubby.

On Saturday night we went out to Simon Gault's Euro restaurant. was pretty upmarket alright. I left the camera at home as I didn't want to look like a couple of yokels. Really nice food that's nice to do once in a loooong while.

After that we braved walking in the city at night to the Comedy Bar. I had booked tickets to see Ben Hurley..who ended up being sick. A comedy bar is definitely not for the faint hearted. A lot of swearing and gross you have to take the good with the bad. And unfortunately we got placed in the front row...literally spiting distance from the the comedians, and of course they ripped into us. Hubby told them that we were from out of town and had left the kids at home...and he thought that was hilarious...making it sound like we had left them literally at home to fend for them selves! We had a good laugh but probably wouldn't do it again.

I kept saying to hubby as we walked back to the apartment..."look at us walking through Queens Street on a Saturday hip are we!" Of course when you have to point it out like that...its are NOT hip any more ;)

We had a great time on our Weekend of Possibilities, doing the two things we as couple most enjoying doing together: EATING and LAUGHING.  Must do it again sometime. Right back to reality and maybe a diet!


TracyP said...

sounds like an awesome weekend away :)

Mika said...

Wow, you did so many fantastic wonderful things! Good on you, what a wonderful weekend away.

PaisleyJade said...

Sounds awesome!

Leonie said...

It sounds wonderful Jackie! So glad you had this time together to have some fun, food and to reconnect.

Meghan at MNM's said...

What a fan-blooming-tastic weekend that was. Packed with fun and memories from start to finish. Good on ya for making the time to just 'be' with each other. Some of those meals looked totally mouth wateringly good! :-)

runnergirl said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever! Happy to hear you can still have fun weekends like that with kids :)

Sammy said...

Sounds amazing! I love Auckland and so glad you got to have such a good time here!

Jaz from Treacy Travels said...

How awesome!!!! What a cool weekend!! Thanks for sharing, so enjoyed it. Make sure you plan another one soon. Soooooooo worth it.
Have fun xxxx

dearfutureme... said...

Looks like the best weekend! All that food looks amazing, you guys rock!