Wednesday, April 4, 2012

proud of my boys

A couple of years ago we would never have thought Hubster would ever compete in a sport, let alone be seen in public in bike shorts. My once skater/surfer/ bogan husband now competes in Triathlons. Last weekend we went to Kai Iwi lakes to compete in the "Kumara Triathlon". The name comes from the fact that Dargaville is the Kumara capital of NZ. And as a bonus you get a box of kumara at the end of the day! Score!
He did fairly well. Last year he did the short course which he came a very awesome second! This year he challenged himself and did the long course: 750m swim, 20k bike ride and a long 8km run. Good on ya Piyar! Super proud of ya.

Super proud of this little guy- Joe. He continually surprises me. Hubster and I often worry about how might act in public. You see he is a little bit sensitive at home.
Yesterday was his assembly, and his first time speaking on the mic. We wondered if he would freeze and run off screaming. But no, he surprised us. He introduced his class to the school beautifully. Later in the presentation he had a wardrobe malfunction, I waited to see if he again would run off screaming, but he did great. I love those proud mummy moments.

I'm hoping he will grow up to be a good cook. Lord knows I could do with a chef in the family. He did a good job of rolling out his first "Roti", which is an Indian flat bread. A family favourite.

And this little monkey is going to turn me grey or maybe bald! He is insanely active and constantly up to no good! The other day I was down stairs fixing something in the garage and I thought he would hover around with me. I finish what I'm doing and he's vanished. I look over the road a see his little body across the road heading down to the park. We live on a fairly busy road. Im not going to think about what could have happened.
On the plus side he is learning new words everyday and is finally starting to enjoy reading books instead of destroying them. 

Somebody found my mascara!
Taken this morning...done while I was blogging this!


runnergirl said...

This is awesome, GO LES!!! What an inspiration! Love to hear the details of the event. And Go Joe! What a little dude. Love hearing the good stories about being a Mum and wife - Warms my heart! :)

TracyP said...

What a lovely bunch of guys in your family!!
Les is a legend!
Joe sounds like my Riley and I have the same fears and worries and it just warms my heart to hear about the wonderful kid he is at school.
As for the little dude ... good luck!!!

Happy painter said...

Now you know why Isaacs father had reins when he was little. Said his mother tied him up like a horse but at least he was safe beside me all-be=it phycolicically damaged for life:):)Yeah right!

Rachel Kate said...

Sigh Zac Zac. Your poor mother! Love this post J xo

PaisleyJade said...

Les is awesome! can't believe your little guy and his adventures! especially across the road. awesome family and so proud of our two at assembly.

Neetz said...

Way to go Les!! Man is it a year since I drove over there that early morning to watch my Mum .. ?? far out!
You have good reason to be super proud of your boys. Les and Mr Joe.
Yay warm fuzzies for your Mummy heart. You have a beautiful family, and they have a super beautiful Mummy xxxxx

Sima J said...

Hehe love your cute lil family :-) Hilarious trouble maker mini-Les hehe