Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Friday

When I take a minute to pause and reflect what this day means to me and my faith, words do not come. How can words describe the pain at which our Lord suffered. And He did it on purpose.
So today we had a quiet Good Friday. After seeing Delissimons hot cross buns last week I was keen to give it ago this year. Last year we had Crossed chocolate cupcakes and red juice for a family communion type thing. This year was the real deal! So tasty! No yucky orange peel. And not too many raisins. I opted for red crosses. They were a little pink at first opps! But after glazing them they turned out the desired red. My sous chefs ~ Miss Joy and Joe did a great job with helping me whip these up. To be fair the bread maker did all the work. I really must make more bread in that thing.

Today I wanted to teach the kids about the first Passover. They seemed to already know quite a lot about the story from Exodus and back in Moses day. We had roast lamb for dinner and red sparkling grape juice. The kids always get a kick out of drinking from the pretty glasses...even if theirs is made of plastic.

They have not even uttered the words "when are our Easter Eggs coming?". Good kids. I picked them up a little Lindt Bunny each. As you can see Zak Zak has not learned to unwrap his chocolates!

May you all have amazing Easter Weekend. Silly me I accidentally rostered myself to work all weekend and Monday,  so at least we had a family day today.


Clare said...

Amazing memories to cherish, I wont tell you about my try at making hot x buns here :( Haha... Happy Easter friend!

Miss Becky-Boo said...

I love that our kids know the real meaning of Easter! I'm hoping to get a batch of Hot Cross buns on this weekend. Love ya Jacks. xx

Widge said...

I tried making hot cross buns the other week, chocolate ones. Yeah. Fail. They were hard as rocks, u think I forgot to let them rise the final time before cooking....and then no glaze either haha!
Love how u guys shared a special meal together.

PaisleyJade said...

Love what you guys did Jackie - and still hope to make my own hot cross buns... but today we ate some chocolate hot cross buns and they were delish! xoxo