Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbows End

We went to Rainbows End for Joe's Birthday. It was a surprise until the morning of his birthday...I had been pulling his leg saying I had forgotten to organize anything or buy him a present. But he didn't  see the funny side. He said to Hubby as he was being tucked in the night before that "its not a real birthday if your mummy and daddy don't get you gift". Doh! silly me... I really should know better by now,  that you don't pull the sensitive kids leg. Don't fret, we got him a cool (but slightly over sized) bike for his birthday, and a trip to the big smoke with his family. He says it was the best birthday ever!

First scary ride for the kids.

Me on The Invader

Joe and I hooning around in carts ( the face says it all)

 Joe with his winning tokens at the arcade.

 Hubster taking the older two on the log ride

 Even Zak zak got to have a little bit of  fun....not much though. Being pushed around in his push chair all day wasn't much fun. Although I did freak him out by taking him on the "Gold Rush"...he was just 80cm tall. In hind site...not so good. I have probably freaked him out for life.

Completely elated after the power surge

I forgot how much I love adventure parks. The last time I went there I was as a teenager, a decade and half ago! The kids often ask if "can we go there?" when we drive past Rainbows End. "Nope. You are too short for the rides". Somehow the kids have grown tall enough...where has time gone? I felt a bit sorry for Joe though...he was just 5cm off getting to go on all the scary rides. 
We look forward to going again some time soon and this time I'll try the bumper boats!
Are you a big scary rides fan? 


Clare said...

Yay so much fun! Here in Korea they have the steepest wooden roller coaster in world!!! Hubby tricked me into go on it... 'Just line up with me' 'You wont have to go on it', 'Just walk back when I go on'... Well, you know that I ended up going on it. NEVER again. I uncontrollably cried... and with the pressure even saw 'stars' in my eyes. SO scary. We have the most hilarious pic on our fridge of me freaked to the hills and Hubby laughing at me! Only a good memory now though!

You have a lot more guts than me my friend!

Sammy said...

What a great day! I love scary rides although not after a big meal... been there and it was horrific!

Leonie said...

eeek! You and the kids are so brave...Im a scaredy cat.
What a wonderful birthday surprise and a great family day out!

Widge said...

You are so funny and totally braver than me! I'm a super chicken when it comes to rides. I would have been screaming on the goldrush with Zak Zak (seriously). I screamed on the kids looney tunes coaster at movie world much to my sisters horror (I was 27) haha

Widge said...
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Neetz said...

What an awesome birthday ! :) Ya big meany pulling his leg!! ;)

Oh dude!! I LOOOVVEE scary rides.. I did the invader, the Power surge, the roller coaster (4 x) once with my Mum and 3 x alone!! I also did the fear fall 3 x (2x alone and finally talked mum into it just before we left).

Warren HATES scary rides.... and so did Mum up until that day .. she hated the roller coaster though and got off after the first go!!!
Asher LOVES rainbows end but chickened out of the scary rides.. :)

PaisleyJade said...

What an awesome family day! i haven't been to a place like there before but always loved the Winter show rides which are pretty budget compared to rainbows end! happy birthday to your special guy!!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Ah such fun memories of Rainbows End as a kid. It's on my bucket list of things to take the kids to when they are a bit older. Looks like a magic day out!

Tall Pipi said...

Wow you are game! I am terrified of those rides. Luckily Kev is too so it's not something we are likely to introduce to our family. Imagine us trying not to draw the short straw to accompany our kids on the rides! Glad you were able to surprise Joe for his birthday.

Gail said...

Great pics - you look "happy high!". A cool surprise for the young man - meanie pulling the sensitive one's leg. No worries. My hubby does it all the time. The tears on Christmas day have been hilarious!