Monday, May 2, 2011

First day of school.

Master Joe recently turned five and today is his first day of school.
Are you excited Joe?... "No" Are you scared Joe?.... "No" What are you? ..."Nothing...I'm just gonna go to school".
That's my boy, take it as it comes ready for any thing!

I couldn't stick around for long as little Zak-Zak was in no mood for it, tired and grumpy, so I bolted during assembly. I left as they were singing their songs to Jesus.
I believe I send my kids to the best Christian School around. I can't say enough about the place. My children are encouraged in the their little spiritual lives to pray and remember little memory verses from the bible. They are taught about a real God who loves their little lives and that they can live big lives now and in the future. The teachers genuinely care about them and pray for them and the school before school starts. Of course they learn to read and write stuff too!, with a great academic achievement level due to the small classes.
I drop my kids off knowing that they are in the best place, and that makes my happy as. Sure it costs more but in the long run I will hopefully reap the benefits of great teenagers and no trips to the shrinks!

Time now to catch up on some lunch dates and start some preschool activities with the baby. Two kids Down, One to go!


KendylsPlace said...

LOVE his attitude!

Leonie said...

hope he has a fab first day!!
and isn't it great when your kids are at a wonderful and nuturing school, that nurtures their faith as well as their brains.

PaisleyJade said...

Such a cutie - hope he has a wonderful time at school. Can't rave enough about our school - sooooooooooo awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! He's such cool little guy - hope there's no dramas!! I have the even better privilege tho I must say ;-) seeing as I'm the daughter in law. hehe

lesmondj said...

Good on ya Joe! Proud of my little man. Can't believe you're at school. How did that happen so fast!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Go Joe! Great that you have such an awesome school too :-)

Brigitte said...

Oh the dear wee man! Cool to hear you have a super-awesome Christo school for your kids to attend - I agree, it will pay off in the long run (visits to the shrink can really set you back...) ;) x

Sima J said...

ahahaha he is awesome Love the comments he made ;-)