Sunday, February 27, 2011

...Pales in comparison

I'm sure most of you NZ bloggers out there are feeling a lot like me. You know, where the stuff we write about seems to pale in comparison to what is happening in Christchurch. Trivial almost. Life has been turned upside down, completely unbelievable. Things like this don't happen in little old NZ.
I thought it was so cool how one of the UK search and rescue team stated that he had been to several crisis around the world including the Haiti Earthquake, and thought that the crisis management team in Christchurch were the best he has ever seen in his work. So big ups to the Mayor Parker and the civil defense for the calm, cool collected leadership.
The way our little country knows how to generously give to those in need in their hour of need is truly amazing. Seriously, is there anywhere else in the world as generous and as giving as New Zealanders?

Like you I have been glued to my TV all week. But today we got out and did something a bit normal. Well not really normal for us. Hubby Lesmond J went out and did his first sprint triathlon for a Whangarei tri club event. He started training about the same time as I announced I would like to do my Triwoman. But Mr competitive has completely blitzed me in the training front and today his hard work payed off as he came first in his group. He was so stoked! We cheered him on from the side lines.

High five for Dadda as he gets out of his swim first!

Watching him do this has however completely freaked me out. I'm pretty sure I am going to be dead by the end of mine...unless I up my training this month. I have been practicing my swim a bit more. When I first started I could barely do two lengths, and had a small fear of the deep end. A friend of mine has been coming down to the pools with me and swimming laps which makes me work a bit harder. She is also very good at keeping count. We go to a cold pool at 7pm. BBRRRHHH alright.

So that's a little bit of trivial stuff that's going on in our life at the mo.


PaisleyJade said...

Yay for Les - that's so awesome! I'm sure you will do awesomely in yours. xoxo

I can't stop raving about Bob Parker and all the amazing teams down there. So proud of our Nation.

Leonie said...

Well done Les, that is AWESOME!! You rock! must be that super speedy new bike :)
And Jackie, you will do great too.

As for Bob Parker, I too am totally impressed. When we were in the floods, we also were very impressed with Anna Bligh (the queensland premier). Bob is like Anna, very calm, compassionate and committed. Its so awesome to see such great leadership.

God bless our beautiful country.

lesmondj said...

Thanks for your support my love. You can count on me to be cheering the loudest out of everyone down in Devenport when you race! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Christchurch too, been glued to tvnz all week. Congrats to your hubby and I love the pic of Mt Manaia in the background. Super effort!

Sima J said...

woop woop go Les! (nothing like a bit of competition to get you training?!)

Anonymous said...

Real life does seem to be a bit trivial in comparison to what people are going through in Christchurch, doesn't it? Hard to believe such devastation has happened in our sleepy corner of the world! Well done to your hubby!