Friday, February 4, 2011

Yesereee, its back to school for thee

As much as the holidays have been great, I sure am thankful for school and kindy! I think I was more excited than the kids this year. I durasealed Miss 7's books with care a week ago, a cool bright pink design with "rock chick" on it. Yes I love duraseal...have done since I discovered it as an 8 year old. Master 4 has one more term at morning kindy before he starts school, so while the stationary was on special I bought his lot too. I'll save the durasealling fun for later in the term!
But the most exciting thing for us is our school has finished its major redevelopments and the classes are all newly refurbished with new technology and fittings. A long haul project that I'm so grateful for.

Since the kids are so eager to get to school and kindy this week mornings have been running fairly smooth. I introduced this chart last year because I was so frustrated about them mucking around. It lives on my fridge so when I can see them fighting or a bit lost I say "What do you need to do next?...have a look on the chart". It leaves me time to enjoy a bit of coffee watching the morning news in peace.
Miraculously this week the baby has slipped into a good routine, going straight to sleep when put down...amazing what a bit of peace and quiet can do for a little fella!

Master 4 was super stoked with his painting at Kindy today. He is more of an outside play on the jungle gyms kinda guy, so I was quite surprised at this little piece. There's only so much paint smeared paper and wood work projects you can keep around. This one is a keeper.

Hope you gals with school kids are enjoying a bit of time to your self


PaisleyJade said...

I am so dropping off my books for you to duraseal next year - that stuff drives me CRAZY!! Loving the art and your morning chart is such a cool idea.

Sima J said...

morning chart is a great idea!

Leonie said...

yes, I will pay you to cover ours!! argh! I hate duraseal. Actually have bought wrapping paper to cover them.
Love your sons art work!! that is awesome!