Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making new friends

I feel quite invigorated! After organising a group of mummy bloggers to get together for a coffee, who knew making a bunch of new friends could be so exciting. And all through the world wide web.
We chatted about how the web has changed the way we do life. Want to know if dogs have it. Want to see and have a conversation with someone on the other side of the them. Its possible to meet and fall in love with someone...all through the web! And its possible to make new friends through blogging. Its like having aan old fashioned pen-pal, except that you have many pen-pals at the same time.

You know a little about each other...and then meet up and fill in a lot of the gaps.
The conversation wasn't awkward. It flowed...crafts, cakes, family,life and of course being a mummy... with shrieks of laughter in between.
All in all we all had a great time....and we should totally do it again sometime!


Sima J said...

I've written this on all the blogs .. we definitely need to do it again :-) Thanks for organising us all! xo

Lyns said...

Blog friend get-togethers are great fun!! Looks like you all had a brilliant time xx

PaisleyJade said...

So good - could do it again tomorrow!!

Leonie said...

Im with PJ!! Could totally do it all again tomorrow!
It was so lovely to meet your Jackie! I felt like I had instant new friends after coming home and knowing no one.
You girls are awesome. And thanks so much for organising it!

The South African Kiwis said...

That was awesome! WE have to do it again, maybe a monthly catch-up?

Neetz said...

Big hugs oh organisational leader person!! You did a fab job!! So...where and when's the next one... hahahaha ;)
Fantastic to see you again (since I knewed ya already.. lol)... and AWESOME to make new cool friends like everyone in attendance!
Yayyy bring on the next one!! (((and I'm bringing my SEXY Camera next time so watchout!)))

TracyP said...

thanks for organising such a fun morning!!!! Had a great time can't wait until the next one!

Michelle Vandepol said...

so jealous! :) if i wasn't here in canada i'd beg to join ;)
great idea