Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Perfect day.

Today was the perfect day.

  • It started rather bright and early. We woke at 0630 hours, which we NEVER do on a Sunday. But NZ  played England in the Rugby League World cup semi-final. It was a nail biter of a game...England were 4 up in the last two minutes of the game ...and then in the final play we snatched the victory and won the game. We play Australia next weekend in the final. Cant wait. And we will HAVE to watch it live! We are the current world cup holders so it would be great to take it from the likely Auzzie winners.

  • We made it our church on time even! I love hanging with my fellow God loving Peeps. This morning we were on Creche duty which is always fun. 
  • Arriving home just before midday...I decided today was the perfect day to head to the beach for my Christmas shot. We decided to go to a beach we never go to...Langs beach. It is a 30-40 minute drive away from Whangarei. 
  • Just before we hit Langs beach we came up over the hill and we were faced with the most most amazing view of the horizon ever. Literally breath taking. The blues were amazing, so many beautiful colours. When we saw this sight, we knew we had made the best decision to drive the extra miles to this beach.

  • We drove on trying to find the best part of the beach and parked up. And this sight was right by the car on the side of the road. 

{ Langs card perfect}

  •  We got to work on our project with Dadda in charge...but more on that another time... Then it was play time. 
  • I kept on snapping away with my camera trying to capture some great shots of the family and beautiful scenery. The kids were mighty sick of me and the camera...especially Zak Zak. 

  • On the way home we decided to stop off at Waipu Cove for an ice cream. The cove was a lot busier than Langs Beach with the waves being a bit better for the surfers. 

{waipu cove}
{waipu cove}

{Waipu cove} 

Family Pic. Ice creams at Waipu Cove

  • We topped off our perfect day with a pizza and a cold one at the Waipu Pizza Barn. So much fun all one day. Now Im pooped! 


Leonie said...

Love it, my fave places

PaisleyJade said...

Amazing pics Jackie! You are turning into such an awesome photographer! I have been totally blown away by our amazing country lately - such beautiful weather, skies etc. Can't wait to see what you guys do for your Christmas card this year!! xK

widge t said...

I realllly hope I get to experience a Northland beach someday. They look so beautiful.
Agree with PJ your photos are fab! x

widge t said...

p.s hope I get a christmas card!!! Im dying to see one too ;)

Sima J said...

LOVE your pics .. and LOVE that our version of a 'busy beach' is still SO not busy compared to overseas - we are so blessed!! :-)

Meghan M said...

Gosh - what PJ said - your photos are lovely - I can't wait to see the Christmas card too! Totally takes me back to our awesome holiday at the beginning of the year - you live in such a stunning part of the country. Especially love the photo of the flax and your gal on the swing xx

Miriam said...

fab xxx looks like the best kind of day xx

Jenny said...

Yes - beautiful photos of my favourite places, too - I miss Northland and it's beaches so much!
Jen x

Bron said...

What a gorgeous beach...the kids will thank you one day for capturing the memories. x